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Driver Behavior Study Sees Doubling of Yielding/Stopping Rates at Targeted Crosswalks

Archived News Release: November 6, 2017 - ​Ann Arbor's Changing Driver Behavior Study has seen a doubling of drivers stopping and yielding for pedestrians at crosswalks at targeted sites. At the targeted enforcement sites across the city, yielding rates have rocketed from a mean of 27% to 58%. At observation sites where only data was collected, yielding rates have jumped from 37% to 49%.

  In June, the City of Ann Arbor, under the guidance of Dr. Ron Van Houten and his team from Western Michigan University, began the study to measure the impact of enhanced enforcement at crosswalks and communications feedback on stopping/yielding rates on major commuting routes within Ann Arbor. The last round of increased enforcement took place the week of Oct. 30. The final round of enforcement will begin on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

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