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​​​​The Greenbelt Advisory Commission is appointed by City Council. The commission serves as the advisory body to City Council on all Greenbelt acquisitions. The Commission consists of one City Council representative, one farmer, one developer, two environmentalists, one biologist and three at-large community members.

Chapter 42 of the Ann Arbor City Code: Open Space and Parkland Preservation Millage (pdf)

Regular Meeting Schedule for the Greenbelt Advisory Co​​mmission

Meetings are on the First Thursday of every month at 4:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, unless otherwise noted. Council Chambers are on the 2nd Floor of City Hall at 301 E. Huron Street.

​Greenbelt Advisory Comm​issioner List - Calendar Year 2023

​Chair, Elizabeth Riggs, Public At Large Representative

Vice Chair, Jason Boggs, Real Estate Development Representative​

Kate Laramie, Environment/Conservation Representative ​

Rosanne Bloomer, Farmer Representative

Sheila Schueller, Plant or Animal Biologist Representative

Elizabeth Lillard, Public At Large Representative

Deaver Armstrong​, Public At Large Representative

Travis Radina, Ann Arbor City Council Representative