Sanitary and Stormwater Systems Asset Management Plans


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The City of Ann Arbor is taking a proactive approach to managing the City's sanitary and stormwater systems by developing an Asset Management Plan (AMP) to ensure the City is making the best decisions about its assets, while maintaining them in the smartest way. The benefits and advantages of an AMP is that the City will be able to document its asset information in one place, while implementing tools and best practices to determine more effective and cost-efficient solutions. This AMP will also prioritize the replacement and/or rehabilitation of the most critical assets.

  • Identify resource needs (i.e. equipment, staffing, funding)

  • Identify and implement technology to support the Asset Management program

  • Systematic decision-making

  • Improved risk management

  • Improved health, safety and environmental performance

  • Improved cost efficiencies relative to budget constraints

  • Improved reputation management

  • Lower life-cycle costs

  • Improved bond rating for the City

  • Improved coordination and communication among City crew

  • Effective information transfer and knowledge retention