Shelter Usage

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Shelters shall only be activated if a critical component(s) of the infrastructure system fails, such as electrical power at any time of year, lack of natural gas during the winter months and any other natural or manmade disaster whereby evacuation is necessary.

Outside of an evacuation situation necessitating the immediate opening of shelter(s), it will typically not be available for use unless and until an outage has exceeded 24 hours from the time the disruption occurred. It is therefore critical that everyone actively assumes a responsibility for themselves, their families, neighbors, friends, business associates, etc. The office of emergency management will work closely with community and governmental agencies to determine the need for shelters and their locations.

If you do elect to take refuge in the shelter, take an active role in participating by bringing along a variety of necessities, or your disaster supply kit. Remember, this won’t be anything like the comfort of your own home. Be willing to help others in your neighborhood should there be a need to leave the area and go to a designated shelter.​