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​​​​The City of Ann Arbor Smart C​ity Strategic Plan provides an organizational framework to guide and direct staff to digitally transform city infrastructure and systems. 

The city Information Technology department conducted meetings with the public, key stakeholders, community partners, and city staff to align this plan ​with city goals in order to build an equitable and sustainable foundation to accommodate future service delivery, operational efficiencies and improvements, cost savings, and innovation to enhance the quality of life for the Ann Arbor community.​​  

The evolution of information technology coupled with Smart City concepts and the Internet of Things (IoT) allow the City of Ann Arbor to approach improving business operations and city services in a comprehensive and data-driven manner.  ​

Feedback and questions should be directed to Tom Shewchuk at [email protected].

5G Statement

To learn more about the City's response to 5G technology, please read our 5G statement​.