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​​​ First floor, 301 E. Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Tom Shewchuk,
IT Director



To deliver innovative technology to sustain and contribute to the city's success.​


Empowering people to succeed in a dynamic world.

Guiding Principles

To achieve success our guiding principles will lead our organization throughout all circumstances and will lead us to success and achievement.  The IT Department is an open, free form, and flexible department where guidance comes from values and principles (aka: Structured Freedom). These guiding principles along with our mission and vision are the foundation for developing a trusting environment so technology can flourish.

Fostering Relationships

  • Respect for the individual is important to cultivate as we continue to build long-term trusting employee and customer relationships.
  • Always be honest and fair, and promote integrity by doing what is right.
  • Hold yourself accountable for your actions and prove to others that you are dependable.
  • Be confident but humble and continue to evolve knowledge and expertise.


  • We place “we above me," foster teamwork, and have FUN!

Service Delivery Excellence

  • Be meaningful change agents and design sustainable solutions for the future that are built to last.
  • We will be innovative and instill continuous improvement in all we do.
  • We will work smart, pay attention to detail and take a common sense, “keep it simple" approach.


  • ​Lead by example in the design, implementation, and support of technology, systems and operations.​