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​​​​​​​​​​​​Park Address3670 Margaret Dr, Ann Arbor MI​ 48104

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Ho​​​​​urs and Rules 
Park is open 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. ​Refer to Chapter 39 of the City of Ann Arbor Code of Ordinances for park regulations and rules. Contact park rentals for policies and rules related to rentals and special uses and always refer to posted park signage in the park. Smoking is prohibited and dogs must be on leash.  


Sylvan Park is a 12-acre park, 5-acres of oak-hickory forest, located at the southeast corner of Ann Arbor near Washtenaw Ave and US-23. View the Ann Arbor Parks and Nature Areas map for location context. Yost Boulevard separates the park properties into two parcels. All of the activities and walking trails​ are located on the east parcel. There is a park map and landfill waste bin located at the Margaret Drive park entrance.  A paved walking path leads to a tennis court and playground space with two benches. Further south an open field is present between homes and Swift Run Creek. The paved path ends at a wooden bridge taking you over Swift Run Creek.  An natural foot path continues into Sylvan Woods. Before reaching the path through Sylvan woods, a picnic hill provides two picnic areas with a picnic table and charcoal grill. Sylvan Park provides the mix of open park space and natural areas, all in the midst of neighborhoods and highway exchanges. To read more about Sylan Park,  view the Natural Area Preservation  feature article from 2018, Park Focus: Sylvan Park by Chris Robey​

Access and Parking

Street parking is available at the entrance on Margaret Dr.  Street.There are also access points into the park off of Eli Dr. (street parking) and ​Burton Road (street parking). The south portion of the park property that follows the Swift Run creek does not have designated access points but can be accessed by following the creek.

Public Transportation: There are AATA bus stops on both sides of Washtenaw avenue that provide access to Sylvan Park.  Traveling Eastbound the (Washtenaw + Pittsfield) stop is a 7-minute walk.  Traveling Westbound the (Washtenaw + Pittsfield) is a 9-minute walk. Check out TheRide​ Guide​​ for more details.​

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Amenities List

  • View the Sylvan Park Map for specific amenity locations
  • Tennis court
  • Tot Lot Playground with two benches
  • Three picnic tables, two with grills close by
  • Short unpaved hiking trail through 5 acres of Sylvan woods
  • Landfill​​ receptacle​ available​ at Margaret Dr. entrance
  • No public restrooms available 



There are ongoing and limitless opportunities for volunteering and getting engaged with the Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation Services Unit. GIVE 365 and the seasonal Adopt-a-Park Program offer volunteer opportunities ranging from a 90 minute commitment, to a more long term, ongoing role. Natural Area Preservation also has volunteer opportunities that support their mission and involve volunteers in all aspects of maintaining biodiversity and restoring damaged ecosystems. If you are feeling the tug to volunteer or give some time, reach out or explore the websites above to see what’s upcoming or how to get involved. 

Report a Problem - A2 Fix It

To report any maintenance issues or other problem during your park visit, please report through A2Fix It.  When reporting an issue in a park please include location details. There is a details and description section near the end of the request process to help you provide this. In addition, users can utilize the pin (website) or X (mobile app) feature to provide specific location information inside the park. Finally, please consider including a wide angle photo or include background landmarks, which helps staff find and fix the problem.

Gifts and Donations 

Information on donating to the parks and the Guide to Giving can be found here. Alternatively if you have a special project or park improvement idea that you want to donate your time and energy toward, a great place to start is through Adopt-a-Park and the proposing a special park project guide. For information on donating a tree through Adopt-a-Park, the  tree donation guide can help you get started. 


In June 1960, the City of Ann Arbor through it's Development Committee approved the plats of Pittsfield Hills Subdivision and accepted the outlots A, B, and D (3 acres) for park and playground.  1.07 additional acres were added in 1961.

In October 1970, Ann Arbor city officials reached an agreement to purchase the Sylvan Woods area in the Forest Brooke subdivision for $25,000.  Due to the significance of its preservation, residents of the Sylvan Woods area pledged $10,461 towards the purchase price

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