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The Rotary Club of Ann Arbor Centennial Playground is located within Gallup Park. The playground is an accessible and inclusive environment. Children of all ages and abilities can develop and play together. The play features offer the chance to develop s​kills like coordination, balance, and strength, and also offer positive sensory experiences. The park is also great for caregivers with disabilities who will have the chance to engage, supervise and play with their children. 

The playground has an overall theme that invites children to enter a fairy world. It is divided into three distinct play areas that represent different types of nature environments found in this region of Michigan. All of these areas are designed to support individuals of all abilities as they play and explore with family and friends. Each area is connected via a combination of sidewalks, accessible topography changes and ramps. This gives all access to all area​s of the playground for everyone.

Park Notices

Unless otherwise posted per City Council resolution, when a park is closed, no person shall remain in or enter it other than to quietly sit or walk.​

Refer to Chapter 39 of the City of Ann Arbor Code of Ordinances for park regulations and rules.

Park Hours

6 a.m. – Midnight



Accessible Parking


Inclusive Play Features






Safety Fencing



Even Surfaces and Ramps




Braille Signage​




Woodland Region

The first region that visitors will encounter is the Woodlands. This area is designed for children aged two to five. It is designed to introduce them to fairy world at their level. This area features the Mushroom House, an OmniSpin Spinner, and sand area. These features are great for motor skills, sensory input, and balance. The OmniSpin Spinner and sand area are mobility device accessible.

An updated version of the traditional merry-go-round, the OmniSpin Spinner is designed so that children using wheeled mobility devices can transfer or be transferred out of their devices and enjoy the rotation of a merry-go-round experience.



River Region

The next region visitors will experience is the River Region. This area includes some changes of elevation that create some unique play opportunities. Features include the Sway Fun, a play structure, climbers, stepping stones and more. The Sway Fun and play structure are both mobility device accessible. This area is great for building motor coordination, upper body strength, and balance. There are also a variety of textures for children to touch and enjoy.

The Sway Fun has been customized to look like a Fairy Boat. The placement of the table in this element is key component of its design, this creates an opportunity for children using wheelchair to actively participate in creating movement of the Sway Fun.



Prairie Region

The final area of the fairy world is the Prairie Region. It includes the Oodle Swing and the We-Saw which are covered with a unique shade structure to keep all cool. Other features include play panels, areas to play pretend, play structure and a periscope to look out over the water and park. This area is great for building cooperation, the imagination, and to engage kids' senses. Many parts of this area are accessible to those who use mobility devices.

The Oodle Swing is designed to encourage social play while swinging. A child can easily transfer from a mobility device into the Oodle Swing. Its shape allows children to sit or lay together in different ways while providing support. The Oodle Swing’s larger size also allows adults and children to swing together.

The We-Saw provides children with movement up and down in space. Children can find the “just right” movement experience by sitting in the molded seats or on the center platform.

​Access and Parking

There is a parking loop with limited parking capacity at 655 Pauline Blvd. There is street parking surrounding the park. ​

Gallup Park is accessible by bicycle and on foot via the Border-to-Border (B2B) trail, which goes all the way through the length of park, connecting to Dixboro Road and Parker Mill Park on the east, and Nichols Arboretum and Fuller Park on the west. Gallup connects with Furstenberg Nature Area​ on the west.​​

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Public Transportation

The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide)​ operates the public transit system for the greater Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area. There is a ​​stop located at Geddes and Huron Parkway, just a three minute walk to the Gallup boat/kayak rental office.  Check out TheRide​ Guide​​ for more details.​​​​


Ann Arbor's city parks sit on the ancestral and traditional homelands​ of several indigenous Native peoples. Read a land acknowledgement​​ from the city and learn more a​bout the early history of the land here.​​

The Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living helped provide input for the design.

Funding for the Universal Access Playground (UAP) was provided by the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor, Michigan DNR State of Michigan DNR Trust Fund and the City Of Ann Arbor - Government Ann Arbor Park Maintenance and Capital Improvements Millage.

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