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Hickory Nature Area

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​​Hickory Nature Area is a 2-acre park on the north side of Ann Arbor. It is bordered by M-14 to the west and by Dillon Dr. to the east. The habitat here is dry-mesic forest, which is dominated by oaks and hickories. A small grove of hickory trees on the west side of the park gives this area its name. Other plant species that can be found in the park include trillium, prickly gooseberry, ironwood, and hackberry. The entrance to the park is off of Dillon Dr., but a trail system has not yet been developed.

  • Age: Acquired in 2019
  • Size: 2 acres
  • Ecosystem types: Dry-mesic forest


As far back as the 1940s and 1950s, this area was cleared and used for farming. Beginning in about the 1960s, portions of the farm fields began to be abandoned and the current forest started to take root. Many large landmark trees, such as white oaks, shagbark hickories, and sugar maples, which had been part of the fencerow around the farm fields, are still alive and well today.

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