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Forest Nature Area

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​​ ​Overview​

Forest Nature Area is a 17-acre woodland and wetland along the Huron River. The property is adjacent to Parker Mill Park (26 acres). Both are managed by the Washtenaw County Department of Parks and Recreation. Fleming Creek flows through the parks with a walkway following its course. During your walk, you will visit a forest community that has a rich layer of woodland wildflowers. The Post memorial boardwalk trail leads the hiker through an excellent example of a wet forest including black maple, hackberry and rock elm and has interpretative signs throughout. An historic mill and other buildings are located at the northeast end of the park.​

Acce​ss and Parking

Parking for Forest Nature Area is available on Dixboro Rd. north of the railroad tracks, or you can follow the paved Gallup path eastwards to the parks. Another parking lot is off Geddes Rd. Facilities are available near this parking area when the mill is open. A picnic area is also available near the old mill buildings. The trails within Parker Mill and Forest Park spur from the paved path, but are only open to bicycle traffic. Restricted-access trails have signs posted. Some trails are unpaved, and others are part of a boardwalk system.