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Dicken Woods Nature Area

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​Dicken Woods Nature Area is located in west central Ann Arbor at the headwaters of the Allen Creek and Mallets Creek watersheds. It is bounded by Pauline Boulevard and a wooded portion of the Walden Village Condominium property to the north, South Maple Road to the west, residential homes on Stephen Terrace and Carol Drive to the east, and Dicken Elementary School and several residential homes to the south. It is a 10-acre park with a loop trail accessed from the end of Dicken Drive, and serves as a valuable recreational area and outdoor classroom for children and people of all ages. A chipped footpath with a boardwalk over a seasonal wetland connects the ends of Dicken and Carol Drives, and a branch of this trail extends into the Dicken schoolyard using a network of smaller boardwalks on the school property.

  • Age: Acquired in February 2004
  • Size: 9.76 acres
  • Ecosystem types: old field, mesic forest, wet meadow, vernal ponds

Dicken Woods was historically used for farming, and a farmhouse was on the western side of the property until the early 1980s. Its foundation is still present, and cultivated flowers can be found surrounding it. Apple trees from the old orchard are scattered throughout the area.  In the central area of Dicken Woods, evidence remains of an irrigation system, and many strawberry plants can be found. The area is now thick with invasive shrubs which are being removed through volunteer efforts. Native oaks are being planted and will mingle with the dogwood and hawthorn already here.