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Dhu Varren Woods Nature Area

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Dhu Varren Woods Nature Area is a 13.58-acre park located off Dhu Varren Road on the city’s north side. The ecosystem consists of woodland, wetland and shrubland. Glaciers once melted here, depositing the gravel and other rock that form the hills. The Traver Creek watershed extends in to this park. In the woods, a hiker can find beech and maple and the more typical oak and hickory trees. The woods for the most part are open, and a trail circles the park. There is also a small wetland that connects to the larger Foxfire South wetland area. This wetland generally keeps visitors from crossing between the two nature areas. 

Access and Parking

Dhu Varren Woods Nature Area can be accessed via a trailhead located on the south side of Dhu Varren Road. Park on Birchwood Drive between Pontiac Trail and Nixon Road. The only parking available is along the road on Dhu Varren, so be sure to pull off the road as much as possible and be aware of traffic! There are no facilities. A trail circles the park. Trails are unpaved. 

Other Resources

American toads and spring peeper frogs have been observed in the park. Native plants of note include sedge, whorled loosestrife, shrubby cinquefoil, pawpaw, rue anemone, flowering dogwood, small fringed gentian, sharp-fruited rush and northern bog violet. The not-so-common black maple may be found down by the creek. Bitternut and shagbark hickories abound at the tops of the hills.