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​​​Burr Oak Park is a 3.3-acre neighborhood park containing a playground, benches, and an accessible asphalt walk connection between Burr Oak and Atterberry.

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Invasive species management and goats at Burr Oak Park

Thank you to all who participated in our survey concerning goats at Burr Oak Park! 76 individuals participated in the survey with 92.11% (70 out of 76) did not have conc​erns with the goats visiting Burr Oak Park to help with maintenance. View the survey results​ with identifiable information redacted.​

A herd of five goats from Twin Willow Ranch were brought to Burr Oak Park on August 13, 2021. The goats will be at the park for about three weeks. The goats' job is to eat some of the non-native invasive and overgrown shrubs like honeysuckle and buckthorn, along with poison ivy that is encroaching on the swingset. While the goats will help clear some of this overgrowth, they are just the first step. After the buckthorn and honeysuckle leaves within reach are eaten, the shrubs still need to be cut down to prevent them from gro​wing back. After the trunks are cut, the stumps are covered with black plastic to decrease the amount of resprouting. We expect some of the plants to grow back overtime and it could take a few visits from the goats to create a long-term impact.

Our hope is to preserve the wooded area in the park but to create a space that is more open, especially around the perimeter, so that it feels safer and more inviting. After the goats visit, the area would be assessed see the extent of the follow up work that will be needed. Staff will also be assessing ​the area to decide if and what native shrubs and other plants should be added to fill in open spots and preserve the wooded area. We anticipate this project being ongoing and could take several years to make the desired improvements. ​If you are interested in volunteering with Adopt-a-Park to help with the follow up work that will be necessary after goats finish their work, reach out to [email protected] or call 734.794.6445.

Please note: The swingset and a small portion of the paved path would be closed while the goats are at work.

Email [email protected] or call 734.794.6445 for more information about the project in Burr Oak Park. For more information about goats working in your local parks visit the Goats at Work page.

​Goat Open House; ​August 23, 2021​​ Adopt-a-Park​ staff and Twin Willow Ranch hosted a Goat Open House event for residents to learn more about the project, ask questions about the goats and to get a closer look! Thank you to all who joined us!

Burr Oak goat open house 8.23.21.JPG

Burr Oak Park property line and goat area.jpg

Before photos of wooded area

Burr Oak 6.JPGBurr Oak 2.JPG

Burr Oak 3.JPG