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Arbor Oaks Park is found in the heart of the Bryant/Arbor Oaks/Stoneybrook neighborhood, located in southeast Ann Arbor. View t​​he Ann Arbor Parks and Natural Areas map for location context. The 3.24 acre park includes a basketball court, playground, benches, pathways, open fields and picnic tables. There is a short paved loop to roll, walk or run on. With five paths connecting to differe​nt parts of the neighborhood, this park is reaching out for engagement. One of the paths leads to Bryant Elementary School. A few minutes walk east on West Eden will find you at the​ Bryant Community Center. Community Action Network​ operates the community center which provides children and teens with after-school and summer programming, homework assistance and tutoring.​

There is also a series of rain gardens in Arbor Oaks Park to help handl​e storm water in southeast Ann Arbor. These rain ​gardens receive seasonal prescribed burns to help reduce native plants and encourage native plants to thrive. Landfill receptacles are available on the perimeter of the park.  

Park Notices

Unless otherwise posted per City Council resolution, when a park is closed, no person shall remain in or enter it other than to quietly sit or walk.​

Refer to Chapter 39 of the City of Ann Arbor Code of Ordinances for park regulations and rules.

Park Hours

7 a.m. – 10 p.m.​



Drinking Fountain




Basketball Court


Walking Path


Picnic Tables


Rain Gardens


Bike R​​ack​


Landfill Bins



​A​ccess and Parking

The park is openly accessible from any of the walk ways leading to the park. Some street parking is available on Champagne Drive​ at the park's main entrance near the basketball court. Refer to posted signage for parking rules.​​​

The park has pedestrian entrances on Champagne Drive, Lucerne Court, W. Eden Court and Blain Court. The surrounding neighborhood streets can be used to bike to the park and have sidewalks for walking. There is one bike rack in the park at the Champagne Drive entrance.

Public Transportation

There are bus stops on both sides of Stone School Road and E. Ellsworth Road which provide access to Arbor Oaks Park. Northbound Stone School Road has a bus ​​stop which is a 4 minute walk from the park. Southbound Stone School Road has a bus stop that is a 5 minute walk. ​Visit TheRide for schedule and route details or check out the Parks Ride Guide​.​​



Ann Arbor's city parks sit on the ancestral and traditional homelands of several indigenous Native peoples. Read a land acknowledgement​ from the city and learn more about the early history of the land here​.​​

In 1969, this park was acquired from a ordinance that required the Smokler Company to set aside about 3.24 acres of the Arbor Oaks housing plan for a park. Stoneybrook Park was its original name.

  • April 1973: Meeting of the Stoneybrook area community to decide what they wanted for park facilities.
  • October 1975: The first structures and playgrounds were finished.
  • August 1980: Play equipment was added and improved.
  • February 1986: Landscaping was done at the park.
  • May 1990: Stoneybrook Park Public meeting held in the park to walk the grounds and decide the best locations for benches, picnic tables, lights, and other items.  A well was placed due to drainage issues.
  • June 1991: New lighting was added.
  • ​​March 2002: Playground improvements, basketball and pavement improvements.​

Recent Developments

  • 2011 - 2015: Replaced playground equipment, improved landscaping and installed stormwater features throughout park.
  • 2021-2022: In 2021, a community group from the City of Ann Arbor's Office of Sustainability and Innovations A2ZERO Ambassador program proposed to plant seven fruit trees in Arbor Oaks Park. The planting proposal included two peach, three pear, and two paw paws (paw paws are a native North American tree and their fruits have a unique, tropical flavor). The community group went through the Adopt-a-Park Special Park Project proposal process to seek approval. After performing public engagement to identify community support, the project was approved and the trees were planted in June 2022. View the project summary to learn more.​​

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