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Arbor Hills Nature Area is a 6 acre wedge of woods and wetlands in the northeast corner of the city, between Green Road and US-23. See Ann Arbor Parks and Nature Area map for location context. Although one of the smaller natural areas in the city, it has some special features that are rare in the parks. At the west end, the park includes a portion of a small buttonbush swamp. In the middle, the woods are at least 70 years old. At the east end, there is a vernal pool. The wetlands here are part of a complex of seasonal pools and permanent ponds in the area.​

The original 1998 botanical survey of the park found two tree species of special note in Arbor Hills Nature Area. Near the path that in the middle of the park, there is a flowering dogwood. T​here is also a swamp white oak, a much larger tree near the vernal pool east of the path. Swamp white oak and flowering dogwood are both at the northern edge of their range in southern Michigan. Both are considered to indicate a relatively undisturbed habitat.   

 A trail leads hikers through woods rich with spring wildflowers​. Expect mud if​ the weather is especially wet. A boardwalk and small bridge will keep your feet free from m​​ost of the mud. Several wetlands support populations of frogs.  In fact, Arbor Hills is one of the best spots in the city to listen for tree frogs! There is a small metal sculpture hiding along the side of one of the main trails. The north part of the nature area has a large grassy field that is flat and has one picnic table. Kilburn Park and Sugarbush Park​ are each an 8 minute walk from Arbor Hills Nature Area.  To read more about Arbor Hills, check out the Natu​ral Area Preservation newsletter article: 2016 Park Focus: Arbor Hills Nature Area by George Hammond.​​

Park Notices

Unless otherwise posted per City Council resolution, when a park is closed, no person shall remain in or enter it other than to quietly sit or walk.​

Refer to Chapter 39 of the City of Ann Arbor Code of Ordinances for park regulations and rules.

Park Hours

6am – Midnight



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Access and Parking

It is best to review a map before heading out to explore Arbor Hills Nature Area. The park address of 3580 Burbank will lead you to a trail head but does not offer parking. Arbor Hills Nature Area is tucked inside private neighborhoods. The nearest public street parking is located at Gettysburg Road, where you can walk across Green at the crosswalk and enter at the Burbank trail head. ​​​

To enter by foot, th​ere are three entrances into the Arbor Hills Nature Area, each designated by a park sign. The north entrance offers trail access at the end of Ashburnam Road. The west entrance is located on Green Road, between Kilburn Circle and Burbank Drive. ​And the south entrance off of Burbank Drive, is located within the Chapel Hill neighborhood. View the trails map to get a visual of these trail head locations. ​


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Public Transportation

The​re are AATA bus stops on both sides of Green Road that provide access to Arbor Hills Nature Area. Traveling westbound on Green Road, the (Green & Gettysburg) stop is a 2 minute walk. Traveling eastbound on Green Road, the (Green & Gettysburg) stop is a 3 minute walk. Check out The Ride​ ​for route details or view the parks ride guide for tips on visiting parks by bus. 


Arbor Hills Park was acquired by the city in 1997 from the developer of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Ann Arbor's city parks sit on the ancestral and traditional homelands of several indigenous Native peoples. Read a land acknowledgement from the city and learn more about the early history of the land here​.​​​​​​


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