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Barricade Permits


The City of Ann Arbor requires a permit for closing or occupying a section of the public right-of-way, including streets and sidewalks. (Ex. dumpster/storage container staging, pedestrian protection while working on face of buildings, etc)

  1. ​APPLICATION: Applicant must complete a Barricade Permit Application via our online portal, STREAM and check the appropriate box of the area to be occupied (if both street and sidewalk are to be occupied, check each one). Applicants must specify the total amount of each area to be occupied. Applicants must identify the dates of occupancy. ​NOTE: If the area to be occupied will require the closing of a traffic lane, Applicant must also submit a Traffic Control Permit​ for lane closure online a minimum of three working days in advance of the closing. ​Applicants must be familiar with the City of Ann Arbor’s Engineering guidelines regulating Traffic and Pedestrian Control and Access
  2. INSURANCE: Applicant must provide a current copy of their liability insurance with application. The insurance certificate must be amended to name the City of Ann Arbor as the certificate holder and additional insured party as it relates to the work being performed. Depending on the amount of the time requested, the policy’s cancellation clause may have to be modified to meet the City’s insurance requirements. Please refer to the insurance requirement form​ ​for information regarding insurance requirements including the proper level of insurance necessary.
  3. ​PLANS: Applicant must submit a site plan identifying the area to be occupied, all traffic control devices, and screening and safety devices to be used. Traffic and pedestrian control and access must be provided consistent with the requirements outlined in the Traffic and Pedestrian Control and Access Guidelines.​ Street and/or sidewalk locations (to the nearest property address) and a scale must be included. If the occupancy involves the placement of a construction dumpster in the vehicle traffic area, the regulations for placing a dumpster in the public right-of-way must be complied with.
Barricade permit fees below can be used to estimate permit costs (fees good through 6/30/25):

  • Street Occupancy ($.015 [1.5 cents] per ft2 per day) 
  • Sidewalk Occupancy ($.05 [5 cents] per ft2 per day) 
  • Barricade Permit Review ($128/hr; minimum $64) 
  • Barricade Inspection (1-3 days = $160; 4-7 days = $285; 8+ days = $285 ​+$58/wk thereafter)
  • Processing Fee ($22)