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Ann Arbor Water starts Comprehensive Water Distribution Plan update

July 3, 2024 - ​Ann Arbor Water's distribution system is comprised of nearly 500 miles of pipe, 7000 valves and more than 3000 hydrants. In addition to our routine maintenance of the distribution system, we periodically review and evaluate the condition and capacity of the overall system to ensure our service goals are being met. With this in mind, we have recently launched a project to update our Comprehensive Water Distribution Plan and hydraulic model.

A Comprehensive Water Distribution Plan is used to strategically plan and budget for improvements, to ensure a sustainable and resilient water system for current and future needs, as well as evaluate current practices and ensure preparedness for emergency situations. The update of the hydraulic model will aim to mirror the real-life dynamics of the city's water system, providing an invaluable tool to inform decision-making processes. The results of this plan, coupled with the results of the  Water Treatment Plant Facility Plan, Strategic Plan, and the Source Water Protection Plan will be used to plan and prioritize water system improvement projects.

A dedicated page on the city's website is underway and a link will be shared in a future newsletter. 

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