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Community Voice selection​

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Golden Paintbrush Logo.jpg
2021 Golden Paintbrush Award Winners!

This award gives the Ann Arbor community an opportunity to recognize the creativity and talent of artists and organizations that have contributed to the cultural and aesthetic richness of our beautiful city in the form of public art.​​​​

Ann Arbor Art Center for the A2AC Murals project and the ArtBox program​ 

A2AC Murals is the culmination of pairing downtown building and business owners with local, regional, and national artists who transformed the building walls into spectacular expressions of their skill—providing the community and visitors the opportunity to experience and enjoy these large, vibrant works of public art.

A2AC Murals is made possible by the Lucie & Larry Nisson Art in Public Program.​

A2AC-Murals-Joey-Salamon image.pngA2AC-Murals-TreeTown-Murals-thumbnail.png


David Zinn's "Laughing at Clouds​" mural 

Artist David Zinn created a mural of the iconic scene in which Gene Kelly sings, dances, and swings from a lamppost in the rain. He created a fun illusion incorporating a real lamppost on the sidewalk. Gene Kelly's daughter, Kerry Kelly Noviak, is a longtime residence of Ann Arbor.​​

Zinn signing in the rain (Michigan Radio).jpg

*Image from Michigan Radio

Youth Art Month installations in accordance with Ann Arbor Public Schools

Youth Art Month is an annual observance, in March, designed to emphasize the value of art education for all youth. It is an opportunity to connect our community with our youth's creativity to illustrate the importance of fostering artistry and innovation.  ​

Youth art image 1.jpgYouth art image 2.jpg

Youth art image 3.jpgYouth art image 4.png

City of Ann Arbor​'s "I Voted" s​tickers ​

The City Clerk's Office, with support from the Ann Arbor Public Art Commission, sought out local artists, including students, to design the City's 2020 "I Voted" stickers​. 

I voted sticker winner 1.jpgI voted sticker winner 2.jpg

I voted sticker winner 3.jpg