2023 Golden Paintbrush Awards

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​​​​2023 Nominations Closed

The Golde​n Paintbrush Award nominations have closed for 2023. 

​A voter's choice award process will be announced in the Fall of 2023. 

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Committee Discussion -

This organization deserves recognition for fulfilling its mission statement to have an impact on both the community and local artists.  Although less visible and accessible than #1, it potentially can create a powerful source of interaction between artists and their community.  (Case in point is its role in helping to put together the Embracing Our Differences project.). They were nominated for specific projects: say yes fest and sandcastle petals.  Description of these art happenings describe active community engagement on Main Street and at their gallery.  They are incredibly innovative & creative with their technology making art accessible to a lot of people.  They also host incredibly creative artists in their space, bringing a lot of variety and diversity with their engagements.  They are supportive of community artists and initiatives.  They have hosted free engagements during Youth Art Month, open to all ages.  They have tried to connect the artwork from kids in the Ukraine experiencing the conflict with kids here.  They continuously support local artists who excel at engaging the community.   If you bring an idea to them, they are always open to supporting in whatever way possible.  Through their technology they work to share artwork and experiences all over the world.  Their work preserves and shares various artworks and experiences.