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​For questions, please email us at [email protected]

Feb. 14, 2024 update:

The panel of judges met this week to determine the finalists. These finalists will be revealed in March, 2024. 

The public input phase will take place after this reveal then the judges will  reconvene to weigh the public's feedback and select a finalist to present to City Council.


The City of Ann Arbor is tapping the inspiration and skill of Ann Arbor residents to design a flag for the City, meant to encourage joy and civic pride in the community. The competition is open to city residents of all ages. Six finalists will each receive $200, while the overall winner will receive an additional $500. 

The Ann Arbor​'s flag competition is intended create a new design that will become a permanent fixture of the community, flying over Larcom City Hall and ​other City facilities.

A panel of judges, led by Mayor Christopher Taylor, will select the finalists. Finalist entries will be displayed online and at Larcom City Hall for community input following submission deadline. The panel will consider this community input when selecting a winning design, which will be announced in 2024.   ​

Design and judging guidelines

Flag designs should be:

  • simple enough that it could be drawn from memory
  • have meaningful symbolism,
  • use only two or three basic colors,
  • have no lettering or seals, and
  • be distinct and avoid duplicating other flags.​

The design submission deadline has passed. Information on next steps will be released soon.