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Apply to participate with the Community Partnership and Outreach Team - CPOT

Apply to​​​​ p​​​​​​articipate with CPOT!

CPOT Getting Started Brochure (PDF)​​

We are not accepting new applications at this time. We will update here with any changes in 2023.
A brand new way of transforming ordinary neighborhoods into connected, safe and fun communities that residents love to call home!

In the past, police agencies often assumed they knew the best ways to provide services to the community. Unfortunately, they often did not listen to individual neighborhood needs. It's no surprise that residents felt left out, disconnected and unsure of the best ways to improve their community. 

That's why we've partnered with residents throughout Ann Arbor to build a new way of policing, and we are excited to share this new program with you!

Community Partnership & Outreach Team (CPOT)

CPOT is your opportunity to bring back community to your neighborhood! Whether you're looking to partner with the police or enjoy coffee or tea with your neighbors, CPOT is a great way to enhance your home. Check out these exciting benefits that come with joining CPOT:

  • You get to help build strong relationships with community members and the police department
  • Your community will gain direct access to an area police officer
  • Communication becomes positive, collaborative and productive
  • You can make a difference where you live
  • Help identify opportunities, and play an active role in finding solutions for safety/security issues 
  • Get involved in your neighborhood ​
  • Become partners for positive change


Getting Started

A recent survey shows that 93% of residents already feel safe in Ann Arbor (PDF). Still, we want to continue building a safer community together. If you're interested in starting a CPOT group, here is what you need to do:

Step 1: One person from your neighborhood will apply to be a Community ​​Coordinator with AAPD. Please review the minimum requirements listed below and then fill out the CPOT Community Coordinator Application here. ​

Step 2: Once approved, Officer Zdybek or Susan Casey will reach out and welcome you to CPOT. Next, you get to build your group. If you have a neighborhood association, that's a perfect place to start because the people are already there! If not, it's no problem because CPOT groups can start with as few as two neighbors. 

Step 3: Once your group is together, it's time to plan meetings and events. Check out the CPOT Getting Started Guide here.

Step 4: Lastly, we will assign an area officer to your CPOT group. CPOT Officers are ready to help your group solve neighborhood problems and bring fun to your neighborhood events.


  • Ann Arbor resident
  • Minimum age 18
  • Complete application and orientation process
  • Maintain skills and knowledge through annual training provided free by AAPD