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Apply to participate with the Community Partnership and Outreach Team - CPOT

Apply to​​​​ P​​​​​​articipate with CPOT!

Hell​o! We're glad you're here. Have a minute to stay? Because we were wondering …

What would help make your community better and more secure? Sure, a recent survey shows that 93% of residents already feel safe in Ann Arbor (PDF), but would getting to know your neighbors and your local police department just add to your sense of security? Would this greater familiarity also add to your sense of community? 

Let's talk about it. And, more i​​mportantly, let's act on it!

The Ann Arbor Police Department is working right now (and continuously) to form partnerships with residents, and we want you to join us!

This initiative has a name — the Community Partnership and Outreach Team (CPOT) — and a clear purpose —

  • To help build relationships among community members and the police department.
  • To keep lines of communication open, accessible and active.
  • To make sure the department is always welcoming and approachable.
  • To keep interactions positive, collaborative and productive.
  • To empower community members to be participants in making a difference where they live.

CPOT participants will work directly with the AAPD in various ways and will help influence and shape some police department duties and priorities.

What would this partnership l​​​ook like?

Here are examples of some CPOT-driven collaborations:

  • - “Coffee with a Cop" and other neighborhood meetings.
  • - Family block parties.
  • - Vacation checks for out-of-town residents.
  • - Car seat clinics.
  • - Neighborhood volunteers helping out at area events.
  • - Brainstorming and idea-sharing sessions.
  • - And <insert YOUR ideas here! …>.

Keep in mind, you, the CPOT members, will decide what kind of partnerships and types of activities will work best for your neighborhood, and what will make the most impact in order to achieve your neighborhood goals.

We can't wait to work with you. Fill out the CPOT form now, and let's get started!

Minimum Requirem​ents

  • Ann Arbor resident.
  • Minimum age 18.
  • Complete application and orientation process.
  • Maintain skills and knowledge through annual training provided free by AAPD.

Get to know your neighbors and your local police department ● Help identify opportunities and play an active role in finding solutions for safety/security issues ● Get involved in your neighborhood ● Become partners for positive change​​