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5/24/2024 Attempt to ID: W Stadium Assault.pdf

5/21/2024 AAPD Statement on Protesters Cleared from UM Campus.pdf

5/16/2024 Valencia Circle Shots Fired.pdf

5/6/2024 Marlborough Drive Shots Fired.pdf​​

4/15/2024 Braeburn Circle Stabbing.pdf

4/12/2024 Golf Course Sexual Assault.pdf

4/04/2024 Stabbing Suspect Arraigned.pdf

4/03/2024 Stabbing Investigation.pdf

03/29/2024 Neighborhood Prowler Investigation.pdf

03/21/2024 Sexual Assault Investigation.pdf

03/10/2024 Vaughn Street Sexual Assault.pdf

02/14/2024 Armed Robbery Investigation.pdf

01/30/2024 Retail Fraud and Felonious Assault.pdf

01/18/2024 Gas Station Robbery.pdf

01/17/2024 Bus Stop Assault.pdf

12/15/2023 Bank Robbery Suspect Wanted.pdf

11/27/2023 Stolen Forklift Pursuit.pdf​​

11/17/2023 Downtown Stabbing.pdf

11/16/2023 String of Stolen Vehicles.pdf

11/13/2023 Shots Fired Investigation.pdf

11/7/2023 Sexual Assault Investigation.pdf​​

10/5/23 Catalytic Converter Theft Investigation (PDF)

10/3/2023 Jewish Resource Center Vandalism Update (PDF)​

09/21/2023 Armed Robbery Investigation (PDF)​

08/31/2023 Home Break-in Arrest (PDF)​

08/30/23 Home Invasion Investigation (PDF)​

08/29/2023 Necto Assault Investigation (PDF)​

08/23/2023 Hate Vandalism Investigation (PDF)​

08/17/23 W. Stadium Shooting Arraignment (PDF)​

08/15/2023 W. Stadium Shooting (PDF)​

08/02/2023 Armed Robbery Investigation (PDF)​

07/25/2023 Plymouth Rd. Sexual Assault (PDF)​

07/21/2023 Fraternity House Vandalism (PDF)​

07/10/2023 Hill Street Fatal Crash (PDF)​

06/23/2023 Arrowwood Shooting Investigation (PDF)​

06/22/2023 I/Chief Statement on Driving Equality Ordinance (PDF)​

06/22/2023 Arbordale Homicide Investigation (PDF)​

06/20/2023 Assault With Intent to Murder S. Maple (PDF)​

06/06/2023 Sandalwood Circle Homicide Charges (PDF)​

06/05/2023 Sandalwood Circle Homicide (PDF)​

05/31/2023 Assault Investigation (PDF)​

05/25/2023 Home Invasion Arbordale (PDF)​

05/22/2023 Downtown Assault Investigation (PDF)​

05/16/2023 Dundee Drive Shots Fired (PD​F)

05/15/23 S. Main Bank Robbery (PDF)​

05/09/2023 E. Washington Robbery (PDF)​

05/08/2023 Catherine Street Assault (PDF)​

04/26/2023 Greenwood Assault Suspect (PDF)​​

04/24/2023 Non-Fatal Stabbing Pauline Blvd (PDF)​​

04/17/2023 Chapin Street Homicide Arrest (PDF)​

04/13/2023 Chapin Street Homicide (PDF)

04/12/2023 Indecent Exposure Eberwhite Woods (PDF)​​

04/12/2023 Ann Arbor Police and Fire ​Open House 2023 (PDF)

04/08/2023 Non-Fatal Shooting Incident (PDF)
04/06/2023 New Transparency Dashboard (PDF)

04/06/2023 Indecent Exposure Arrest County Farm Park (PDF)​

02/26/2023 Suspect Wanted in Connection to Sexual Assault Cases (PDF)​