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The mission of the Supportive Connections program is to provide social services to assist people in need from becoming involved or re-​involved with the criminal justice system. We work with community service providers to address some of the potential causes of criminal justice-system involvement, such as substance abuse issues, mental health challenges, and housing insecurity.  Supportive Connections offers trauma-informed care. Our focus is on building connections with local service providers to eliminate gaps in assistance. 

​Individuals Seeking Support​

Supportive Connections is available to serve all individuals who have a connection to Ann Arbor — living in the city (stably housed, transitionally housed, or homeless), working within the city (including unreported income), or attending Ann Arbor Schools (self or child). Regardless of level of need — and recognizing the unique challenges in our community — housing status and financial ability to pay will not be barriers to receiving services. Individuals who would like more information or who want to request assistance may email [email protected] or call 734.794.6934.

Participant Referrals

​Supportive Connections also welcomes participant referrals from the entire community. The referring person/organization will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the potential participant. Referrals may be made to Supportive Connections by completing the online form, by email to [email protected] or by phone at 734.794.6934.

Organizations Interested in Partnering

Are you or your organization interested in joining our network of Supportive Connections? Let's discuss! Please send a message to [email protected] or call 734.794.6934​.