Informal Hearing Request Form

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My parking notice was heard before the Parking Violations Bureau referee. I hereby request an appeal of the referee's decision to the 15th District Court. To complete this application for appeal of a decision made by the Parking Violation Bureau, you must:

  • Be the registered owner of the vehicle
  • Have completed a Parking Ticket Appeal with the Parking Violations Bureau

If you have not appealed your ticket to the parking referees please begin by filling out that form.

I certify that I am the named defendant above and I am the registered owner of the vehicle identified above.

I understand that a new citation will be served upon me by first class mail to the address I have provided above.

Appeals must be requested within 14 days of the Parking Referee's finding. A uniform law citation will be mailed to you by the agency that issued your original ticket. The Informal Hearing Request Form must be completed in its entirety for the application to appeal to be processed. The citation will state that you must reply within 10 days of receipt to schedule an informal hearing with the 15th District Court. If you do not wish to continue your appeal, mail your payment to the Processing Center address shown above. I understand my appearance is required. No attorneys are allowed at the Informal Hearing. If I fail to appear, a default judgment will be issued and an additional $30 default fee will be added to the cost of the citation.