Equitable Engagement Initiative

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The goal of this project is to help Ann Arbor become more inclusive by developing a set of community engagement policies, tools and practices that can be a part of moving the community forward to overcome Ann Arbor's history with racism and prejudices that have caused important local perspectives to be marginalized from community conversations and decision-making processes.

Steering Committee

As an initial step, we are forming a Steering Committee comprised of community members and representatives of organizations in the area working to advance equity. The Steering Committee's role will be to help shape the approach to equitable engagement, play an active part in developing the community engagement strategy, serve as connectors to the community and organizations, and help ensure the quality and delivery of outcomes. The Steering Committee will likely meet every other month, but we could increase or decrease the frequency based on the Steering Committee's recommendation. Some qualities that we will be looking for in Steering Committee members are:

  • Diversity across race, ethnicity, gender, ability, and sexual orientation;
  • Commitment to racial and social justice;
  • Experience and knowledge of equity and race issues;
  • Collaborative and willing to engage in shared exploration;
  • Humility and curiosity to continually learn and engage in self-reflection;
  • Resilience to engage in deep, challenging work.
If you are interested in applying to become part of the Steering Committee, please complete this online application, which is due by June 7​, 2021. Some funding is available to compensate for time on this effort, which will be prioritized based on need.

Coming next 

Selected Steering Committee members will be notified in June and should plan for a first meeting later that month or early July.

Please bookmark and visit this website​ for updates. ​