Drinking Water Guide

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  1. ​​How can I evaluate my Ann Arbor water bill?

  2. How do I access my personal online water usage report? 

  3. How do I interpret the information, especially for periods with much higher water usage? 

  4. How can I look for leaks or other reasons that may explain a water usage spike? 

  5. My water straight from the tap first appears cloudy but becomes clear after sitting in a glass for a few minutes. Why?

  6. My water from the tap appears discolored  (reddish, other color).

  7. I am noticing a change in my water pressure at the tap--lower or higher.

  8. I am noticing a taste or odor in my tap water.

  9. Why are my rubber plumbing components dissolving? Why am I finding black rubber particles in my water?​​

  10. I am looking for ways to conserve water and reduce my bill.

  11. What is backflow protection and how does it affect me?

  12. I have other drinking water questions not addressed above.

  13.  When opening ​a building after a long absence, what precautions can I take to optimize my building's water quality? ​

Third party water testing

1: Do I need to have my water tested by a third party vendor?

The City of Ann Arbor performs thousands of tests a year to ensure your drinking water is of the highest quality and safety. You can see the results of those tests each year in our Water Quality Report. In addition, if customers feel there is something wrong with their water, the City of Ann Arbor will test it for free. If a customer wishes to have their water tested by a third party, they are free to do so. However, they should check if the tester is an accredited drinking water facility, otherwise the accuracy and validity of the test is suspect. 

2: A vendor is trying to sell me a home treatment device, do I need one?

The City of Ann Arbor works very hard, employs the latest technology and applies decades of experience to ensure our customers drinking water is of the highest quality. If there is something specific to be achieved, a home filter systems might be warranted, for taste, for example. In the end, the purchase of home filter systems are a personal choice. City staff, who are not motivated by profit or sales, are available to offer advice or assistance on any drinking water issue.

3: If I have a question about my drinking water, can I have it tested by the City?

We encourage any customers who have a question about water quality to contact us. More than likely, we can answer the question without testing (we know our system quite well). If warranted, we will conduct water testing to find answers.