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A2ZERO Plant-​Base​​​d Challenge
Thanks for Participating!


​From September 11th - 17th, a group of A2ZERO Ambassadors, in collaboration with the City's Office of Sustainability and Innovations and non-profit VegMichigan, hosted our first ever A2ZERO Plant-Based Challenge! Our over 200 Challenge participants were able to learn more about plant-based eating and the health and sustainability benefits of eating a plant-forward diet; pledge to reduce their consumption of animal-based food products for the week; get daily emails with tips, tricks, and recipes; attend an in-person kick-off event, a plant-based pizza party, and a series of virtual webinars and cooking demonstrations; sign up for a reusable grocery bag full of plant-based foods to use in their own kitchen; and complete "bean-go" cards to be entered into a drawing for local and delicious prizes! The Challenge was a great success, and we plan to make it an annual event - so stay tuned for information on our 2023 Plant-Based Challenge!

Why Plant-Based?

Reduc​ing your consumption of animal-based food products and consuming more plant-based foods can provide many health benefits - and contrary to many misconceptions, a properly balanced plant-based diet can provide all of the nutrients your body needs! In addition, reducing consumption of animal-based food products is a great way to reduce your personal impact on our environment and lead a more sustainable lifestyle! Interested in learning more about these topics? Check out VegMichigan's resource guide or visit​

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Photo by Constanze ​Reichert-Kurtz from Pixabay.

Challenge Overview

Miss the entire Plant-Based Challenge, or a specific event? Check out the recordings from our virtual events below!​

Virtual ​​​Cooking De​​monstration


​On Monday, we hosted a virtual cooking demonstration by Michele Gallo and chef ​Vicki Brett-Gach​​ from ​Ann Arbor Vegan Kitchen! ​Meals cooked during this demonstration included quinoa soup, ratatouille, and blueberry and peach​ crumble! You can find the recipes for the night's meals here​​​.

Restaurant Panel Discussion


On Tuesday, we joined a panel of local r​estaurant owners to learn about how their restaurants are incorporating plant-based meals into their menus, where they get their ingredients, other sustainability efforts they're undertaking, and more! Participating restaurants included Cinnaholic Bakery​, El Harissa​, and Vinology​.

​​Plant-Based Eating and Nutrition


On Wednesday, we heard from local medical practitioners Dr. Melissa Sundermann and Dr. Robert Breakey from Trinity Health IHA​ about ​the health benefits and nutritional value of plant-based diets. You can find Dr. Sundermann's slide deck here, and Dr. Breakey's slide deck here.

​​Affordable Plant-Based Eating


On Thursday, we joined ​​Jeff Tritten and Howard ​Scheps from Washtenaw Optimal Wellness for a webinar on the affordabili​ty of eating plant-based. Watch to learn Jeff and Howard's tips and tricks for easy and affordable plant-based meals! You can find the ​slide deck from this presentation here. Jeff and Howard also shared two ​​helpful resource sheets: from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and Washtenaw Optimal Wellness.

​Ready to Get Cooking?

Want to try some plant-based food for yourself? Check out VegMichigan's recipe playlist on YouTube, or ​find plenty of mouthwatering options on their Ann Arbor Vegan Kitchen. And you can sign up here​ for VegMichigan's 30-Day Challenge, which includes a reusable grocery bag full of plant-based foods to try!​