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The Ann Arbor Farmers Market is a producer-only market with 120​ vendors from Michigan and Ohio. As a 104 year old market, and the second oldest continu​ously operating public market in Michigan,  we have many 3rd and 4th generation farms that participate. At market you will find seasonal fruit and vegetables, pastured eggs, meat & poultry, fish, cheese, herbs, cut flowers, plants, hanging baskets, bread, baked goods, jam, hot sauce, pickles, spices, beverages, prepared foods, artisan products, and much more! Check out our vendor directory and vendor spotlights for more info. If you are looking for a specific vendor on a market day, call our office at (734) 794-6255,​​ or check our InstagramFacebook​, or Twitter


​Vendor Spotlight: Tantré Farm

For market regulars who love produce, the name Tantré Farm is familiar. Started by Richard Andres in 1993, & joined by his wife Deb Lentz a few years later, Tantré has grown over the years to include 115 acres of wetlands, woods, & fields. They provide vegetables, fruit, & mushrooms to our AAFM community year-round, & are known for their carrots, winter radishes, shiitake, & raspberries. They strive to produce fresh, healthy foods for the local community, provide quality of life for the farmer, & sustain economic viability for the farm w/ care & respect for nature's diversity. They grow all their produce using organic practices, although they are no longer certified organic. Building relationships & interdependence w/ the environment & other farmers is at the core of what they do. Their interdependence w/ the community is apparent. In addition to selling at the AAFM, Chelsea Farmers Market, Argus Farm Stop, & to local restaurants, they offer a Community Support Agriculture program, or CSA. They offer weekly CSA boxes of produce to shareholders who pre-paid for the season. CSA members pick up their shares on Wednesdays or Saturdays at AAFM, including City of Ann Arbor Employee CSA Program members. Those cultivated relationships are clear at the Washtenaw Food Hub too. Richard says they started it in 2011 to support 'multi-farm processing, to create a greater continuity for those markets.' Other AAFM vendors that produce there include The Brinery, Harvest Kitchen, Raterman Bread, & It Kicks Salsa, highlighting the impact that Richard & Deb have had on helping local food businesses to grow. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, they started the wildly popular Immune Booster CSA. The immune booster is an aggregated weekly CSA, w/ items from other local farms & food businesses. It also differs from their traditional CSA since you can purchase it weekly. In 2021, they also added the Honeybee U-pick Patch off of Scio Church Rd in Ann Arbor, where community members can come pick their own delicious strawberries and raspberries! For more info you can follow them on social media & visit their website at​.

                                                                                             ​  ​  JohnHarnoisFarms.JPG

Vendor Spotlight: Harnois Farms

A self-described city kid hailing from Detroit, John began farming in April of 1994. Starting out w/ a few dozen chickens, John has since raised many types of birds, including ducks, turkey, & geese. John began farming because he wanted to know where his food was coming from. Poultry seemed like a good place to start as it wasn't as involved as cattle or sheep. Not having access to a non-existent internet, John learned from visiting farms and reading books. The farm grew organically and Harnois Farm became a vendor at AAFM. Harnois Farm raises free range poultry, fed with local feed, "bugs and slugs" and "organic water." John's main challenge is predators like woodchucks and rac​coons, but he has some help from his faithful cat with the smaller pests. John got out of the egg business a few years ago because he was working 18 hour days with no time off! Now, he has stepped back a bit, but is still raising poultry and will have hens, ducks, and turkeys next. What makes John's poultry unique is that he truly loves his birds, and puts real thought and consideration into each step of raising them. John's farm is only about 12.5 miles from market so it's quite local! You can find him on Saturdays at AAFM for your poultry needs or an engaging conversation! You may even see him wearing his famous turkey hat around Thanksgiving.


Vendor Spotlight: Cafe Japon

Café Japon, run by Miyoko Honma, offers traditional French pastries, Baguettes, chocolates, & more. In 2006 Miyoko opened Café Japon, a restaurant & bakery café serving Japanese & French cuisine. They also catered events & supplied pastry & baguettes to other local restaurants & stores. After closing the café in 2011, Miyoko moved her equipment to a new commercial kitchen next to her & her husband Tom's house. Around that time, Miyoko started at the AAFM & has brought her baked goods to the community for ~13 years. Miyoko is a self-described perfectionist. She started Café Japon w/ the goal of making the perfect baguette, & once it was up to her meticulous standards, she began to work on the perfect croissant, & now the perfect chocolates. This pursuit of perfection comes from Miyoko's days as an automotive engineer, where she applied the same principles of working hard to achieve the best in her field. Miyoko has trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York, the French Pastry School in Chicago, & L'Ecole de Chef Stephanie Glacier in France & institutions in Geneva, Switzerland. This training, her pursuit of perfection in the foods that she makes, coupled with using only the best ingredients that pass her sensitive palate, make Miyoko's creations unique. After hearing customers at AAFM talk about the foods that they had enjoyed at the restaurant Café Japon, Miyoko decided to put those recipes in a cookbook. The book, Multicultural Magic of Café Japon, also provides the recipe for her famous baguettes! You can find it at Café Japon's AAFM stall or in bookstores. Miyoko is now focusing more on perfecting her chocolates, which can be found at By the Pound in Ann Arbor & at AAFM on Saturdays alongside her baked goods.


   Vendor Spotlight: Give & Grow Mushrooms

Joseph Sanna has been at AAFM for almost three years, after starting off at Eastern Market in Detroit in 2011. Give and Grow Mushrooms was founded 11 years ago by Joseph and his father, Vincent. The two were enjoying their time foraging for Morel mushrooms & decided to start a mushroom cultivation business together. They retrofitted a pet store to start the process, & things have taken off from there! Give and Grow offers both cultivated & foraged mushrooms, priding themselves on offering many specialty varieties rarely seen at farmers markets or in traditional grocery stores. The uniqueness of their product is that the cultivation process is done entirely in-house, from the spawning to creating the substrate material to the harvesting. The growing process is also quite sustainable. Agricultural material used to grow the mushrooms can be composted & used in the process again, creating a circular & environmentally positive effect that Joseph is proud of. Joseph's day job is more mushrooms! He likes the scale of his own business but is always trying to make things more efficient by learning from the corporate scale. You can find Give and Grow Mushrooms at the AAFM on Saturdays as well as the Northville Farmers Market & Eastern Market Detroit. Find more info on their website: or on social media. 


Vendor Spotlight: Specialty Cakes & Pies

​Sherry Toney has been many things in her life. She has degrees in English & Teaching from UM, & an MA in Theater & Communication from EMU. She has worked as a clothing model, a teacher, a medical billing clerk, & a caterer. She is also the mother of former middleweight boxing champion James “Lights Out" Toney. But at AAFM she is best known for her pies. Sherry started Specialty Cakes & Pies over 40 years ago w/ a $600 small business grant, used equipment, & a rented space in a pizza joint's kitchen. AAFM was the first place she sold her pies & she has been a cornerstone of the market ever since. Over the years she grew her business, found her own commercial kitchen, & expanded her clientele. At one point Sherry attended several farmers markets & sold her pies to local grocers & cafeterias, & the dearly departed DeLong's BBQ. Today she focuses on selling exclusively at AAFM, which has always been her highest volume outlet. To cater to shoppers from all walks of life Sherry makes a variety of flavors & sizes of pies. But she is known for her delicious & authentic sweet potato & pecan pies. The quality of her pie sells itself but Sherry's lively personality attracts new customers & keeps loyal customers coming back. AAFM regulars know that Sherry is legit, & market just wouldn't be the same without her. If you don't already know, you can find Sherry on the Detroit St. aisle at every Saturday market from Palm Sunday until Christmas.

                                                                                                  ​ JebVogueBooge.jpg                                         

Vendor Spotlight: VogueBooge Candles

You could say that Jeb Booge (pronounced like “vogue") was destined to be a candle maker. Growing up on the E. Coast he was introduced early to colonial candle making techniques & remembers repouring old candles as a child. After a long career in manufacturing, first in fleet graphics, then as a cosmetics plant manager, Jeb combined his industry background w/ his childhood pastime to launch VogueBooge Candles in 2016. When he joined AAFM two years later, his business took off and he was able to turn his hobby into a new career. Jeb hand-pours his 100% soy, clean-burning candles in small batches & uses essential oil-based fragrances to craft his unique scents. Not only can customers be assured they are burning a non-toxic & biodegradable product, they can also bring back their empty containers to be refilled & receive $7 off their next purchase. While he offers a wide array of scents, Jeb is perhaps best known for his line of Michigan-themed candles, inspired by some of his favorite places to visit. Each scent is carefully researched & developed to evoke the scent of the place it is named for. AAFM is the primary storefront of VogueBooge Candles. You are sure to find Jeb at every market, in any weather, behind his custom built wooden display. You can also find him at The Sunday Artisan Market, 11am-4pm each week until Christmas in our market space. To check out Jeb's full product line visit him on social media or at

​                                                                                               Todosciuk spotlight.jpg

​Vendor Spotlight: J & T Todosciuk Farms & Greenh​ouses

​Jim Todosciuk started going to farmers markets when he was in high school, selling produce he grew in a large garden on his family’s property in Howell, MI. While he went to college for a degree in Drafting & Design & worked in that field for 5 years, he couldn’t resist the allure of the market. He continued to maintain his farm business & attended market on the weekends. In 1994, wanting to work for himself and enjoying the interactions he had with his customers, he decided devote his full-time to the farm. In 1997, he married his wife Tina & together they grew the business. Their farm has been selling quality produce to the A2 community since the early 90’s at AAFM, but more recently they have had the opportunity to partner w/ Michigan Dining. Now their vegetables can also be found on plates in student dining halls, Michigan Medicine hospitals, & University catered events. To sell to these institutions the Todosciuk’s underwent GAP certification, verifying that they grow, pack, and handle their produce in accordance w/ FDA recognized food safety standards. In addition to having staple produce items year-round, such as zucchini & eggplant in the summer and cabbage, rutabaga, parsnips & other root vegetables in the winter, Jim & Tina also grow ornamental plants for all seasons. They are well-known as well for the Victorian Kissing Balls & holiday greenery. You can visit Jim & Tina at their stalls almost every Saturday,​​ on Wednesdays in season, & online at​

                                                                                       Raterman spotlight.jpg

Vendor Spotlight: Raterman B​read

Flour, water, salt – these are the only ingredients in Nick Raterman’s traditional German sourdough. What transforms these simple ingredients into flavorful & nutritious bread is slow fermentation. Natural starter (captured wild yeast) breaks down the compounds in the organic, freshly milled grain over the course of many days. The result is a fluffy & delicious loaf that is easy to digest & good for everyone, even sensitive bellies. Nick has been perfecting this process, part art & part science, since he began baking bread as a hobby over a decade ago. While pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree at MSU he began baking bread for himself, friends, & family. After graduating & moving to his wife Violet’s hometown of Ann Arbor he turned his hobby first into a side-hustle, & then into a full-time career. In 2018, Nick started Raterman Bread Haus out of his home kitchen, before moving his operation to the Washtenaw Food Hub to increase his production. Now he is ready to expand again. In early summer he will be launching Raterman Bread Haus & Bistro at its new location on Grand Street in downtown Dexter! Traditional sourdough will be the foundation of a menu that will include sandwiches, pizza, soup, & more. AAFM shoppers will still be able to find their favorite loaves, bread twists, & pretzels at the Raterman stalls every Saturday market. To find their products & keep up w/ these exciting developments visit​ & follow them on social media.

                                                                                           Vendor Spotlight pic.jpg

Vendor Spotlight​: Goetz Family Farm​ CSA 

com If you've been to AAFM in the last 20 years you've undoubtedly had the pleasure of meeting farmer Jon Goetz, Karlene Goetz, or any of their four sons. You may have even heard a tall tale or two from Farmer Jon! Goetz Family Farm has been a staple produce vendor at our market since 2000, but their Centennial Farm has stood much longer. Jon's grandparents purchased the farm in Riga, MI in 1905 & the Goetz family has been stewarding the land since. In the late 70's they transitioned the farm from grain & livestock to growing fresh vegetables & fruit for their community. Now managed by the 3rd & 4th generations, the Goetz Family's key to flavorful produce is healthy soil. They use cover crops, manure, & compost to sustainably build the soil, & plant wildflowers & filter strips to prevent runoff, while promoting beneficial insect life. In addition to their year-round produce, the Goetz's bring seasonal favorites to market like hanging baskets, beddings plants, cut flowers, sweet corn, melons, pumpkins, wreaths, & holiday greenery. They also offer a CSA from June-October w/ their farm's offerings. Any time of year, you are sure to find Goetz Family Farm at market on Saturdays & on Wednesdays in season. Learn more about how you can support this farm family on their website:​

​                                                                 Whitney Farmstead vendor spotlight photo.jpg

Vendor Spotlight: Whitney Farm​stead

When temps rise above freezing during the day & fall below freezing at night, the tree sap starts flowing & maple sugaring season begins. To make their maple syrup, Farmers Malaika Whitney and Matthew Haarklou employ a traditional method, hand-collecting sap in buckets and boiling it down over a wood fire they tend, day and night, in the sugar house. Malaika & Matthew have been making their maple syrup, and practicing regenerative ranching, full-time since 2014. But the roots of this tradition, and their century old trees, run deep at 6th generation Whitney Farmstead. Malaika’s great, great grandfather purchased the farm in Webster Township, Northwest Ann Arbor, in 1900. The farm operated mainly as a dairy and an orchard until the price of milk plummeted in the 1980’s and the family had to exit the business. Luckily, using local conservation programs, the Whitney’s were able to keep their land in the family & the farm in production, raising animals & renting parcels to neighbors for row crops. Since Malaika & Matthew have been farming the property, they have been committed to stewardship & keeping traditional craft alive. They transitioned the land from tillage-heavy conventional grain production to pasture & hay, using heritage breed animals to sustainably manage 120 acres of perennial pasture. You can find their 100% grass-fed beef & lamb, pastured pork & chicken, wool products, hand-made greeting cards, & top quality maple syrup (while supplies last!) at most Saturday markets, & at their farmstand Wednesdays 4-7pm. Learn more on their website & newsletter:​

                                                                 Ferial & Lt Governor.jpg

Vendor Spotlight: Humus Falafel Mediterranean Food

Ferial Rewoldt has been a health professional her whole life. She was working as a nurse in Beirut, Lebanon before immigrating to the US in 1976 and attending the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. She stayed in Ann Arbor to raise a family and worked as a RN at Michigan Medicine for 30 years before retiring in 2011. After just a few years in retirement Ferial grew restless. In 2016 she started Humus Falafel, providing Washtenaw County with a health service of a different kind – Mediterranean food! Ferial began her business in a church kitchen in Chelsea, selling at their Farmers Market before moving to the Growing Hope Incubator Kitchen in Ypsilanti in 2018. Humus Falafel has been a presence at the AAFM since 2017 selling traditional favorites from around the Mediterranean like hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel sandwiches, stuffed grape leaves, baklava, & spinach pies. Ferial rarely misses a market, even in the colder months. Look for her blue tent along the Detroit Street aisle or follow your nose to her famous spinach pie, accented by feta, pecorino cheese, spinach, & spices baked between golden phyllo pastry. For more info visit:​

                                                                                           Nemeth Orchard Transparent 2.jpg

Vendor Spotlight: Nem​eth Orchard

In 1931, Hungarian immigrants James & Rose Nemeth bought an 80 acre apple orchard in Ypsilanti, Michigan. That same year their son Alex was born, and he grew up working the farm and market with his parents. Alex was a toddler when he first started coming to Ann Arbor Farmers Market, even before our iconic roof-structure was built! Later, he would marry his wife Agnes and they would take over the family business. Today, the orchard has been operating 92 years, Agnes is still the owner, and the fifth generation of Nemeths (aka the “Apples Bosses”) have begun to carry on the work their great, great grandparents started. Nemeth Orchard grows 22 varieties of apples, five varieties of pears, and Concord grapes. As soon as the first of the summer apples are ready to harvest in late July you can find them at every Saturday market. Their earliest variety, the light green “Transparent” (pictured) has been a market staple for years. They are also known for their award-winning cider! Once they start pressing cider and baking fresh donuts in August, they attend every Wednesday and Saturday market until they sell out of apples in the Spring. If you are looking for the perfect apple for any occasion, stop by their stalls. For more info, visit their page:​

                                                                                         Sticks and Stones.jpg

Vendor Spotlight: Sticks & Stones Jewe​lry

Ask Debbie Marx about her stones and her face will immediately light up. After falling in love with the intricacies of stones as a child, she chose to study geology at her local college. In 1988 she was able to work alongside two jewelry designers from Parsons School of Design, combining her lifelong love of stones and newfound passion for crafting jewelry. She joined us at the AAFM in 1991 as the founder and sole employee of her jewelry line, Sticks and Stones. For Debbie’s first 21 years at the market, she drove eighty miles one-way to Ann Arbor. She loves the energy here so much, which she credits to the “young people,” that she moved to Ann Arbor a little over ten years ago to be a greater asset to the community and the market. Debbie’s work includes all Michigan stones, either from her own or her friends’ collections. She takes pride in her work, ensuring quality craftsmanship in each of her beautiful pieces. Debbie is a core artisan at the AAFM, here every Saturday and most Wednesdays, sometimes even appearing at the Sunday Artisan Market. For more info, stop by her stalls near the entrance to Kerrytown Shops!

                                                                                         Odd Brothers last market.jpeg

Vendor​ Spotlight​: Odd Brothe​​rs Cider

Established in January 2019 after brothers Dusty and Derek Sherman began curiously brewing in their Homer, MI basement, their mission is to cultivate craft ciders that anyone can love. They use Michigan apples in their diverse array of brews and partner with local artists to design their can labels. Odd Brothers recognized from the start the potential farmers markets have for reaching new consumers, and joined our market in early 2022. The Michigan Small Winemakers License is essential to any small wine, cider, or mead maker looking to sell their products at farmers markets, from their own facility, or wholesale to retailers. Securing this license is a lengthy process, which requires additional City approval to sell at our market, so we were ecstatic when Odd Brothers joined us. Their presence at Ann Arbor Farmers Market allowed Odd Brothers to forge retail relationships in the Ann Arbor area, swiftly boosting their popularity and demand. Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for them, in late 2022 Odd Brothers began producing more than the MI Small Winemakers License allows (50,000 gallons per year). This means that their business has grown too big to continue as our vendor and their last market with us was in December. We will certainly miss them but we wish them success in their future “odd" endeavors. You can find their ciders in Ann Arbor at: The Grotto, HopCat, Plum Market, Everyday Wines, Arbor Farms Market, Blue Front, Produce Station, and A&L Wine Castle. Find more info at:

 Beulah Meadows.jpg 

Vendor​ Spotligh​​t​: Baseline Farm

John Cox started Baseline Farm in Dexter, Michigan in 2016 with 30 head of cattle. Today he has over 170 calves, steers, and bulls. His cattle are 100% grass-fed, pasture raised, and hormone free. They eat standing forage for the entire outdoor season and are fed hay during the dead of winter. The ecological practices of Baseline Farm all starts with growing good grass. John rotates his cattle from pasture to pasture, ensuring rest and regrowth between grazing. In this way he is able to sequester carbon, regenerate soils, and raise healthful and flavorful beef. You can find Baseline Farm at almost every Saturday market or connect with John directly at Read more about Baseline Farm here.​​

Fall market collage.jpg

Vendor ​D​irectory

Check our vendor directory​​ (PDF) for more info about market ​vendors and their products.​ Contact vendors directly for most current lists​ of products offered.


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​Seasonal R​ecipes:​         

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​Community Supported Agricu​lture (CSAs)

A CSA, or 'community supported agriculture,' is a subscription or membership to a farm to receive produce or other farm products on a regular basis. The customer enters into a relationship with that farm to get a weekly box or prepaid card for a share of their veggies (or fruit, meat, eggs, flowers, or prepared foods). Several vendors offer CSA programs and offer pickup at market, so it's easy to find a program that's right for you!

View our current list of CSA farms and their contact info here: CSA Info 2023 (PDF)​

If you are a City of Ann Arbor employee interested in participating in the workplace CSA Program, click here: City of Ann Arbor Workplace CSA program

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