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Birds of Ann Arbor

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Birding Wheeler with group 2016.JPG NAP Ornithologist Juliet Berger leads a bird walk at the capped portion of the landfill at the Wheeler Service Center

Join us to learn more about birds!

​Hone your bird-watching skills by looking for the breeding birds of Ann Arbor!  View our field checklist here (pdf).  Bring it along on one of our nature hikes or bird-watching walks.

Please see below or check our calendar for information on upcoming bird walks.


Learn more about area birds at:

Ten ways YOU can help birds thrive in human-populated areas:

Found a nest?  Want to help monitor it (hooray participatory science)! Check out Cornell's NestWatch program here:

And, of course- you can get some tips on how to plan your garden to help feed and sustain wildlife at NWF's "Garden for Wildlife" webpage here:!

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