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Sustainability Framework Committee

The Sustainability Framework Committee includes representatives from Energy Commission, Environmental Commission, Housing and Human Services Advisory Board (HHASB) Housing Commision, Park Advisory Comission, and Planning Commission.  

Based on feedback from commissioners, this group was formed to help identify overarching sustainability goals for Ann Arbor's sustainability framework project. 

The committee first met in December 2011 and included two representatives from Energy, Environmental, Park Advisory, and Planning commissions. Representatives from Housing Commission and HHSAB were added to the committee in February 2012.   

Members include:  

1.     Ingrid Ault, HHSAB

2.     Gloria Black, Housing Commission

3.     Erica Briggs, Planning Commission

4.     Julie Berson Grand, Park Advisory Commission

5.     Chuck Hookham, Energy Commission  

6.     Susan Hutton, Environmental Commission

7.     Karen Levin, Park Advisory Commission

8.     Eric Mahler, Planning Commission

9.     Cliff Williams, Energy Commission

10.  Jamie Woolard, Environmental Commission

The Sustainability Framework Committee helped develop a working draft of sustainability goals for the city. These overarching sustainability goals build on goals already developed through a variety of public processes - from city plans, council resolutions, and the council-approved ten environmental goals. These draft sustainability goals include the three key aspects of sustainability – environment, economy, and equity.

Past Meetings

Sustainability Framework Committee Meeting
December 13, 2011  

Agenda (pdf)
Powerpoint (pdf)        
Meeting Notes (pdf)                    

Sustainability Framework Committee Meeting
January 17, 2012

Agenda (pdf)     
Powerpoint (pdf)      
Meeting Notes (pdf)                      

Public Meeting to Discuss Draft Sustainability Goals
March 29, 2012

Check out the draft goals here:

Sustainability Framework Committee Meeting
April 2, 2012

Agenda (pdf)

For more information, contact:

Jamie Kidwell Sustainability Associate 

(734) 794-6430 x 43720

For more background on Ann Arbor's sustainability framework, check out our progress here! 

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