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Ann Arbor's Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU)

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​​​​What is a Sustainable Energy Utility?

A 100% renewably powered, reliable, local, shared, and publicly owned municipal energy utility; built by the community for the community. A SEU is a new kind of municipal utility ​that is legally possible and immediately viable due to advances in renewable energy technologies and reductions in cost. A SEU would allow us to immediately get to work on meeting our goal of powering the community with 100% renewable energy in a manner that strongly aligns with the City's adopted Energy Criteria and Principles. ​​​

Read the Report

​Staff, along with technical advisors, explored the idea of an Ann Arbor SEU as a means to meet the community's aggressive and essential climate and equity goals.  To learn more about the idea behind a SEU, what it is, how it could work, and what next steps would be, we invite you to read the report:



Still have questions? Check out this FAQ​​​ to learn more. 

Learn More 

Want to learn more about how a​ SEU could fit into the City's clean energy future? Check out this recording of our public meeting on the SEU from October 28th, 2021. Please note that the following passcode will be required to watch the recording: z5tLp+Si​

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