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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Meet our mighty team in the ​A​nn Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations! 

​OSI Introduction Video​​​​

Hannah Loftis, Energy Fellow​

Hannah Loftis.jpg

Hannah supports the design, implementation, and development of energy-related programs in the Office of Sustainability and Innovations. Before joining the city, she planned and designed storm system improvements for municipalities across Tennessee. Hannah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. In her free time, Hannah enjoys watercoloring, reading, and practicing yoga. [email protected]

​​Fang Wu, MBA - Community Energy Manager

Fang Wu.jpg

Fang focuses on the research, development, implementation, and management of energy programs to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions for the City. Prior to joining the City, Fang worked with the State Utility Forecasting Group and performed policy studies, resource planning and load forecasts for Indiana Utility Regulatory Commissi​on and utilities. Fang has an MBA from Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, and a Master in applied economics from the University of Minnesota. When not at work, Fang enjoys reading, hiking, and camping. [email protected]​a2go​v.​org

Simi B​​arr - En​​ergy Coordinator​

Simi Barr.jpg

Simi recently fnished graduate school at the University of Michigan, where he studied Sustainable Systems and Space Systems Engineering. As a Fellow with OSI, he worked on various projects including the A2ZERO Plan and EV charging within Ann Arbor. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time in Ann Arbor's Parks, hiking, playing guitar, and ice hockey. [email protected]​​v.org​

​Galen Hardy – Community​ Engagem​​ent ​​Specialist 

Galen Hardy.png

Galen comes from Zero Waste Detroit​ where he served as the Education and Outreach Coordinator promoting recycling.  Galen is also an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran and has over 7 years of community organizing experience. He earned his Bachelors of Science Degre​e in Health Administration from Eastern Michigan University and his Masters of Public Administration degree from Oakland University. Galen joined the City of Ann Arbor in 2019 and serves as the Community Outreach and Engagement Specialist working specifically with residents and traditionally underserved populations. [email protected]  

Juli​e Roth – Senior Energy Analyst

Julie Roth.jpg

Julie is the Senior Energy Analyst in the Office of Sustainability and Innovations, and her work focuses on the creation, implementation and management of programs to facilitate community-wide adoption of solar, building electrification and efficiency. Julie has a BA in Biology fr​om Kenyon College, and MPT from the University of Iowa. She has lived in Ann Arbor since 1994 and is a passionate green energy advocate, community organizer, educator, and liaison between the technical sector and the community. ​ [email protected]

S​ean Reynolds ​– Community Sustainability Coordinator ​​

Sean is working on various resilience-related projects in the City, and runs the 10,000 Trees Initiative - a program aimed at getting trees planted on private property. He has prior urban forestry experience through Casey Trees, a non-profit in Washington, DC. Sean has an M.S. degree in Forestry from Auburn University. Originally from Maryland, he moved to Ann Arbor in December 2020 and is excited to e​xplore the natural beauty of Michigan and to share his passion for trees with the Ann Arbor community. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, reading, and cooking.​ [email protected]

Christine Sch​​opieray – E​​xecutive Assistant to the Mayor 

Christine Schopieray.jpg

Christine has been the Executive Assistant to the Mayor for 14 years. In this role, she has helped to organize the City’s Green Fair since 2005, and she provides much assistance to the City’s Office of Sustainability & ​​Innovations to ensure coordination between OSI and the Mayor’s Office. She has a BFA in Metalsmithing/Jewelry Design, and she is a vendor at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. [email protected] 

​​​Missy Stults, PhD – Sustainability and​​ Innovations Manager

Missy Stults.jpg 

Dr. Missy Stults is the Sustainability and Innovations Manager for the City of Ann Arbor. In this role, she works with all city operations, residents, businesses, the University of Michigan, nonprofits, and others to make Ann Arbor one of the most sustainable and equitable cities in America. Prior to joining the City, Missy worked with local governments and indigenous ​​communities around the nation to advance their climate and sustainability goals, including during her time as the Climate Director at ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and as a consultant to philanthropic organizations. Missy has a PhD in urban resilience from the University of Michigan, a Masters in Climate and Society from Columbia University, and undergraduate degrees in Marine Biology and Environmental Science from the University of New England. [email protected]  

​​Zach Waas Smith – Community Eng​​​a​​gement Specialist, Sustainable Development 

Zach Waas Smith.jpg

An Ann Arbor area native, Zach focuses on incorporating sustainability into our City’s Building Department and beyond. With degrees in Environmental Sustainability and Urban Planning from Western Michigan University, and currently working towards Living Future Institute Accreditation, Zach works to collaboratively engage landlords, tenants, contractors, developers, and City Inspectors on the most sustainable practices available today. His prior work experience includes private contracting, community organizing, general maintenance, and the City’s Rental Housing Department. When not at work, Zach enjoys amateur woodworking, bicycle commuting, various house projects, meditating, and spending time connecting with the natural environment. [email protected] 

​Thea Yagerlener – Energy Analy​​st 

Thea Yagerlener.jpg 

An Ann Arbor native, Thea focuses on the design, implementation, and development of energy-related programs in the Office of Sustainability and Innovations. She works to develop our community’s greenhouse gas inventory to inform data-driven programs to reduce our com​​​munity’s emissions. Thea has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve. She enjoys climbing, cycling, practicing yoga, and e​xploring the great outdoors. [email protected]

​Julius Alexander – Information Technology Liaison

Julius Alexander.jpg

A lifelong Ann Arbor resident, Julius has worked for the City of Ann Arbor for over five years in the role of Application Specialist.  Julius has a master's degree in Engineering Management from Ea​​​​​stern Michigan University.  His work in the Office of Sustainability centers around technical problem solving, enhancing efficiency and data management.  He is thrilled to be a member of an enthusiastic group working toward the cause of Sustainability and Equity.  Julius enjoys spending time paddle boarding on the river, playing boardgames keeping bees and causing mischief with his 2 daughters in his spare time.​ [email protected]

Kora Dre​ffs​ - Aging In Place Efficiently​​ Coordinator

Kora Dreffs.jpeg

Kora is a coordinator for the City of Ann Arbor’s Aging in Place Efficiently program, a division of the Office of Sustainability and Innovations. She attended Emory University and obtained a B.S. majoring in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology with a minor in Ethics, as well as an M.A. in Bioethics. Kora’s work focuses on connecting with older adults to uncover barriers in maintaining their desired quality of life. This program engages with community partners to make sustainable changes resulting in the ability to age in place. When not working, Kora enjoys bird watching, reading, and spending time with her dog.​ [email protected]

​​Jennifer Wolf - Aging in P​​​​lace Efficiently Coordinator​

Jennifer Wolf.jpg

Jennifer grew up playing in the Huron River and is passionate about freshwater resources and sustainable practices, having implemented the Huron River Watershed Council's Information and Education Campaign for Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention. She also teaches fine art to seniors and enjoys building community while celebrating each student's capacities and talents in a supportive environment.  She is thrilled to be part of the OSI team, combining equity and climate resiliency to forge a better future for all residents. Jennifer's “heart home" is on the shores of Lake Superior with her family, including their beloved rabbit, Flash. [email protected]