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​​​​​​​​​​​​Julius Alexand​er – Infor​​​​​​​​mation Technology Li​​aison

​​Julius Alexander.jpg
A lifelong Ann Arbor resident, Julius has worked for the City of Ann Arbor for over five years in the role of Application Specialist. Julius has a master's degree in Enginee​ring Management from Ea​​​​​stern Michigan University. His work in the Office of Sustainability and Innovations centers around technical problem solving, enhancing efficiency, and dat​a management. He is thrilled to ​be a member of an enthusiastic group working toward the causes of sustainability and equity. Julius enjoys spending time paddle boarding on the river, playing boardgames, keeping bees, and causing mischief with his two daughters in his spare time.​

Email Julius: [email protected]


​​​​Simi B​​a​rr - Senior Analyst, Municipal Operations​​ 

​​Simi Barr.jpg
Simi recently fnished graduate sc​hool at the University of Michigan, where he studied Sustainable Systems and Space Systems Engineering. As a Fellow with OSI, he work​ed on various projects including the A2ZERO Plan and EV charging within Ann Arbor. Out​​​side of work, he enjoys spending time in Ann Arbor's Parks, hiking, playing guitar, and ice hockey. 

ail Simi: sbarr@a2go​​v.org


Bryce ​Fro​hlich​​ - ​​Community Resilience Spe​cialist

​​​Bryce Frohlich.jpeg
Bryce focuses on resilience building initiatives and programs within the Office of Sustainability and Innovations and Ann Arbor’s Emergency Management Department. A graduate of the University of Michigan’s School f​or Environment and Sustainability (SEAS), he is passionate about co-development when it comes to implementing solutions to addressing how our communities respond to different shocks and stressors. Bryce has a background in non-profit management, community engagement, and outdoor education, and is a former high school social studies teacher. Originally from Florida, Bryce enjoys exploring the old growth forests of Michigan and the shores of the Great Lakes. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, climbing, gardening, spending time outside, and playing with his dog, Portia.

ail Bryce: [email protected]​​​


Sheronda G​loster - Management Assistant

​Sheronda is a native of Detroit. Her focus as a Management Assistant is to put her administrative skills to work by assisting OSI in carrying out the City’s A2ZERO goals. She is a graduate of Central Michigan University, where she studied Economics, and Pistis School of Ministry. Sheronda has over six years of experience in public service administration and a background in teaching. Her dual goal is to help others in reaching their full potential and assist in creating a healthy and clean environment. Sheronda enjoys spending time with her husband and family, serving in church, teaching, traveling, roller skating, and drinking Starbucks coffee! 

Email Sheronda: [email protected] ​


Joe L​an​​ge - Ener​​gy Analyst​

Joe focuses on the design, implementation, and development of various energy-related programs in the Offic​e of Sustainability and Innovations, and is the staff liaison to the Energy Commission. Prior to joining the City, Joe worked with scientists, local governments, and wildlife managers across Indiana to prepare for environmental change. Joe has a Masters in Environmental Science and an MPA from Indiana University, and a BA in Environmental Policy from Michigan State. In his free time, he enjoys wildlife watching, hiking, and spending time with his cats. ​

Email Joe: 
[email protected]


S​ean Reynolds ​– Seni​​or Analyst, CE & Natural Features

Sean oversees work on various circular economy and community resilience programs and initiatives, including sustainable food programs, reuse systems, air quality monitoring, the Pollinator-Aware Yard Care program, and the 10,000 Trees Initiative - a program aimed at getting trees planted on private property. Sean is also the staff liaison to the Environmental Commission.​ He has prior urban forestry experience through Casey Trees, a non-profit in Washington, D.C., and h​as an M.S. degree in Forestry from Auburn University. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, and spending time with his cats.​ 

Email Sean: [email protected]​​​

Juli​​​e Roth – Manager, Energy Team​

Julie Roth.jpg
Julie's work focuses on the creation, implementation, and management of programs to facilitate community-wide adoption of solar, building electrification, and efficiency​. Julie ​has a BA in Biology fr​om Kenyon College and an MPT from the University of Iowa. She has lived in Ann Arbor since 1994 and is a passionate green energy advocate, community organizer, educator, and liaison between the technical sector and the community. 

Em​​ail Julie: [email protected]


Missy Stults, PhD – Sustainabili​​t​y and​​ Innovations Director​​

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Dr. Missy Stults ​works with all city operations, residents, businesses, the University of Michigan, nonprofits, and others to make Ann Arbor one of the most sustainable and equitable cities in America. Prior to joining the City, Missy worked with local governments and indigenous ​​communities around the nation to advance their climate and sustainability goals, inc​luding during her time as the ​Climate Director at ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and as a consultant to philanthropic organizations. Missy has a PhD in urban resilience from the University of Michigan, a Masters in Climate and Society from Columbia University, and undergraduate degrees in Marine Biology and Environmental Science from the University of New England.

Email Missy: 
[email protected]  

​​Zach Waas S​​mit​​h – Manager

Zach Waas Smith.jpg
An Ann Arbor-area native, Zach focuses on incorporating sustainability into our City’s Building and Planning Departments and beyond. With ​degrees in Environmental Sustainability and Urban Planning from Western Michigan University, Zach works​ to collaboratively engage landlords, tenants, contractors, develop​ers, and City Inspectors on the most sustainable pr​actices available today. His prior work experience includes community organizing, non-motorized transportation advocacy, contracting, property maintenance, and the City’s Rental Housing Department. When not at work, Zach enjoys simple​ woodworking, bicycling and rollerblading, house projects, meditating, and spending time connecting with the natural environment. 

Email Zach: [email protected] ​​​​

Jennife​r Wol​f - ​Senior Analyst​​, Engagement​​

Jennifer Wolf.jpg
Jennifer grew up playing in the Huron River and is passionate about freshwater resources and sustainable p​ractices, having implemented the Huron River Watershed Council's Information and Education Campaign for Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention. She also t​​eaches fine art to seniors and enjoys building community while celebrating each student's capacities and talents​ in a supportive environment. She is thrilled to be part of the OSI team, combining equity and climate resiliency to forge a better future for all residents. Jennifer's “heart home" is on the shores of Lake Superior with her family, including their beloved rabbit, Flash. ​​

​​Email Jennifer: [email protected]

The​​a Yagerlener – Senior Energy Analy​​st

Thea Yagerlener.jpg
Thea focuses on the design, implementation, and development of energy-related programs in the Office of ​Sustainability and Innovations. They work ​to develop our community’s greenhouse gas inventory to inform data-driven programs to reduce our community’s emissions. Thea has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve.  After growing up in Ann Arbor with a passion for climate action, they're happy to be helping their community on the​ pathway towards carbon neutrality. They enjoy climbing, cycling, yoga, and e​xploring the great outdoors while practicing leave no trace principles. 

Email Thea: [email protected]​​