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​​​​​​​​​​​I​ncreasing electrified transportation in Ann Arbor is an important way our community can become more sustainable. As our electricity grid becomes cleaner, electric vehi​cles provide an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gases and improve air quality. Also, electric vehicles cost less to operate and maintain than their internal combustion engine counterparts.  

Learn More About EVs​

Depending on how much you drive, an electric vehicle may be a great option. Learn more about how electric vehicles compare to your current vehicle with this Department of Energy calculator.

There are federa​l, state, and utility incentives for electric vehicles. Learn more at  

And stay tuned as the City is exploring bulk buy discounts to help bring EV ownership closer for more Ann Arborites. To stay up to date on this work, send an email to [email protected] and include the subject: EV bulk buy. 

The IBEW/NECA, ou​r local Electrical Workers Union, is partnering with A2ZERO on electrification readiness, and continues their campaign called “The Future is Electric.”  As part of this campaign, they have been releasing informational videos to help residents know what might be involved with upgrading homes for electrification of appliances and vehicles. Watch their video on EV charging below, and find the other videos in their series he​re!


ind a Charger 

Wondering where in town you can charge your EV? Check out this interactive map.

Traveling out of town? Here's a map from the Department of Energy for all charging stations  in the U.S. and Canada.

And did you know that DTE's Charging Forward program provides a discount for installing a Level 2 charger at your home? Learn more and apply on the DTE website​.

Most of the public EV chargers managed by the City are on the ChargePoint network. These chargers can be activated with the ChargePoint mobile app or a ChargePoint card. More information is available on the ChargePoint website​.​

EV Charging at Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUDs)

Most EV charging is done at a driver's residence, but there are many residents of Ann Arbor that don't have total discretion over installing an EV charger where they park their vehicle. This could be due to property management, condominium associations, legal concerns, metering considerations, and shared parking spaces, among other hurdles. These issues can be complex, but are surmounta​ble. Resouces, best pract​ices and case studies​​ are available as more MUDs address their needs for EV charging.​ If you are a resident or staff at a MUD, and are interested in learning more about EV charging, email Simi Barr​.


Mayor Taylor rides an E-Bike.jpg  

9/18/2020: Ann Arbor Mayor Chris Taylor, sporting both bicycle and public health safety with a helmet and mask, tries out an electric bike.

Electric bicycles are becoming​ increasingly popular around the world. By integrating a bicycle with a small motor, e-bikes take range and hill anxiety out of bicycling. If you want a workout, turn off the motor, and if you want to commute without sweating through your clothes, use the pedal assist feature to increase power output. Check out the links below for further information on e-bikes, their costs, and benefits. 

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Updated: 10/21/2022


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