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​​Beneficial Electrification in the Home​​​​​

Strategy 2 of A2ZERO calls for the electrification of fossil fuel burning appliances and vehicles. Burning fossil fuels not only releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, but also various pollutants which can cause negative health and environmental effects. Electrification can eliminate these emissions from our local environment. Powering our electrical grid with 100% clean and renewable electricity (Strategy 1 of A2ZERO) is necessary to ensure that we are not displacing emissions ​and that we are achieving true carbon reductions. 

Burning fossil fuels in the home presents unique challenges beyond the associated GHG emissions which contribute to the changing climate. Eliminating these appliances from the home can improve the occupational health, safety, and comfort of the home. ​

Health and Safety

​​​Gas burning stoves, furnaces, and dryers are maj​or sources of indoor air pollution within homes, emitting Nitrous Oxides, particulate matter, and Carbon Monoxide along with other pollutants. Homes with gas burning stoves have Nitrous oxide levels 50 to 400% higher than homes with electric stoves. These pollution levels in both long and short term can cause the level of indoor air pollution​ to well exceed the stringent EPA standards for outdoor air quality. Indoor air quality is of serious importance to all households, especially those with children, as gas related pollutants can have more serious effects on children than adults. Children in homes with gas burning stoves have a significantly increased risk o​f experiencing asthma.  ​

Energy Efficient Electric Appliances: