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Commercial Benchmarking - Energy Performance Reporting

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​​Buildings in our community account for nearly 80% of total community-wide greenhouse gas emissions. As such, we need to find solutions to reduce these emissions while helping residents save money and improve indoor comfort. 
To do this effectively we need more granular information about how our buildings use energy. Benchmarking, through the disclosure of energy usage, identifies where we can make the most significant impacts, and serves to motivate performance improvements. Through standardized energy audits and self-reporting, residents and businesses are able to take ownership of their energy usage, and work towards significant energy improvements. 

As such, the Office of Sustainability and Innovations is working with multiple City units and community stakeholders to create an energy disclosure requirement. The goal is to have a fully operationalize energy disclosure ordinance, with automated reporting platforms, fully functional by the end of 2021. If you'd like to join our stakeholder committee advancing this work, please contact Zach​

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