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Commercial Benchmarking - Energy Performance Reporting

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​​​Buildings in Ann Arbor represent 65% of total community-wide greenhouse gas emissions. 30% of energy in buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily, and we know more efficient buildings are more comfortable for occupants and save on utility bills. Establishing an effective program to increase energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings is a priority for Fiscal Year 2021. 

​Commercial benchmarking and transparency is an easy way to get data and information on how buildings are performing into the hands of their owners and managers. Building owners will be able to look across their portfolio to identify opportunities for energy and financial savings, and understand how their buildings are performing relative to buildings of similar characteristics. The program will provide consistent and relevant information with the market, so that tenants, renters, occupants, and investors can make informed decisions (similar to MPG ratings on cars).  

The policy will increase energy efficiency in large buildings across Ann Arbor - on average, buildings that be​nchmark consistently save 7% of energy consumption, resulting in financial savings as well. ​

Learn more about Commercial Benchmarking and Transparency in this one-pager:

A2Zero_Commercial Benchmarking_One Pager and Process.pdf

Development Process

The Office of Sustainability and Innovations is working with multiple City unit and community stakeholders to develop policy recommendations through early 2021. Part of this process will include a public comment period. Meeting agendas and slides decks are included below.

Meeting 1: Setting the Context and Framing the Opportunity

November 19, 2020

Agenda: Commercial Benchmarking Meeting 1 Agenda.pdf

Slide Deck: Commercial Benchmarking Meeting 1 Slide Deck.pdf

Meeting 2: Benchmarking 101 and Policy Direction

December 4, 2020

Slide Deck: Commercial Benchmarking Meeting 2 Slide Deck.pdf

Meeting 3: Policy Direction

December 17, 2020

Slide Deck: Commercial Benchmarking Meeting 3 Slide Deck.pdf

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