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Wastewater Treatment Services is resp​onsible for the effective collection, treatment and environmentally acceptable discharge of the wastewater generated by the Ann Arbor community as well as portions of Ann Arbor, Pittsfield and Scio townships. Wastewater Treatment Services is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the city's wastewater treatment plant and eight sewage lift stations located around the city. Personnel are in attendance at all times, as the plant is a continuous operation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Tips to keep the sewer system s​afe

The sewer safety tip sheet (PDF) explains easy ways to help keep the Ann Arbor sewer system efficient and functional. Find out what not to flush, how to deal with fat, oil and grease, and how to prevent sewer pipe penetration.


Facilities Renovations Project (PDF) — This project includes rehabilitating existing structures, upgrading of primary and secondary wastewater treatment processes and replacing aging facilities with new facilities. These renovations will allow the City of Ann Arbor to meet future flow and loading demands, as well as regulatory requirements.

The current WWTP has a design capacity of 29.5 million gallons per day (MGD), and consists of an older West Plant (constructed in the 1930s) and a newer East Plant (constructed in the late 1970s).

The facilities renovations project consists of two phases. Phase I includes design and construction services for demolition of two existing structures. Phase II is the larger of the two projects and includes rehabilitation of the East Plant (constructed in the late 1970s) and demolition and reconstruction of the West Plant (constructed in the 1930s). The current contractual final completion date for this project is September 19, 2017.

Due to construction and safety concerns, tours of the wastewater treatment plant are currently unavailable. Opportunities for tours may resume following construction at the plant, in 2017-2018. 

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Earl J. Kenzie, P.E.
Wastewater Treatment Manager      Email:  ekenzie@a2gov.org 

​49 S. Dixboro Road
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