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Winter Curbside Compost Collection

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​​​​​​2022 Winter curbside compost collection

The City of Ann Arbor will begin offering monthly winter curbside compost cart collection in ​2022. 


The monthly pick-ups will occur the first full week of each month, with curbside compost car​t service taking​ place during the weeks of Jan. 3, Feb. 7 and March 7, 2022. Residents will therefore have their compost cart serviced, once a month, on their regular curbside service day. Regular weekly compost pickups will begin again on Monday, April4, ​2022.

  • Only compost carts will be serviced during the winter months. 

  • Paper yard bags or bundled branches will n​ot be collected.​

  • ​Food scraps/waste, including meat and bones, are required to be in Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified​ or paper grocery bags to keep material from freezing to the carts.

  • Excess liquid should be drained to prevent the bags from deteriorating. 

Compost cart winter tips

Winter means little to no leaves or yard waste, so there should be plenty of room for​ plate scrapings, food scraps and other food compostables in the compost cart. Here are a few ideas to that may help:

  • Drain out as much liquid from food scraps before placing them in a BPI certified bag and into your compost cart. It is advised that food scraps be double bagged during the winter, utilizing both a BPI and paper yard bag. ​

  • Place an opened paper yard-waste bag icompost bin with boxes.jpgnside the compost cart to hold the food scraps. 

  • Put a couple pieces of flattened cardboard (1-2 large pizza boxes are perfect) at the bottom of the com​post cart before adding produce. This buffer at the bottom of the cart allows the materials to slide out more easily and not freeze to the cart.

  • ​To keep the compost cart from getting messy, wrap drippy wet items (e.g., coffee grounds, melon rinds) in 1-2 sheets of compostable paper towels before putting into the compost cart.​

  • If your neighborhood has clever raccoons, secure all cart lids with a bungee cord. (Remove bungees when your carts are put at the curb.) 

  • Rinse out your cart, if temperatures allow, with non-toxic soap and water and empty onto your grass or gravel, never down the storm drain. ​​​

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