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Leaves that fall on your property, including sidewalks, must be bagged or placed into optional compost carts by the owner or resident and not placed in the street. Both carts and compost bags are serviced during the compost collection season. The City will add additional vehicles and staff for leaf pickup beginning on October 9, 2017. 

Weekly compostable curbside

Weekly curbside compost pickup is available through Friday, December 8, 2017.​ Place leaves in large yard waste paper bags, or use an optional compost cart, and set at curb before 7 a.m. on weekly solid waste collection day. Compost carts may be purchased for a one-time charge of $25 for a 64 or 96-gallon size from the Customer Service and Payment Center, located at Larcom City Hall, 301 E. Huron, open weekdays 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., or by calling 734.794.6320.​

Alternatives to raking leaves


  • Use mulching mower
  • ​Mow leaves with mower bag attached then empty into paper yard waste bags or compost cart
  • Run leaf blower in reverse, if available, vacuuming up leaves to be bagged.
  • Create a compost pile to dispose of leaves on your own property

truck-of-leaves-color.jpgFall leaf drop off options for properties within the city

Free, unlimited leaf drop off is available between October 9 and December 8, 2017, at the Ann Arbor Compost Center, 4150 Platt Road, open weekdays, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (734.794.6380) from city residents, Ann Arbor commercial properties, and/or their contracted landscapers/haulers. Visitors must show proof of Ann Arbor residency (driver's license or current water bill). Free drop off is for Ann Arbor leaves, only. For current pricing on yard waste or material visit We Care Organics of Ann Arbor.

Leaf burning: Bad for our health and illegal

Burning leaves produces particulate matter which can be harmful which is why Michigan and City of Ann Arbor law make it illegal to burn leaves with city limits. 

Why don't we store bulk leaves in the streets?

Property owners in Ann Arbor are not allowed to rake leaves into the street. Instead, leaves should be placed in compost carts or in unlimited bags for expanded weekly curbside compost pickups (Oct. 8 - Dec. 9, 2017). The benefits of keeping leaves of the street include:​

  • Weekly curbside leaf pickups instead of two seasonal street collections.
  • Parked vehicles impeding truck collection access.
  • Preventing leaves from clogging storm drains and causing neighborhood flooding.
  • Increased safety for bicyclists.
  • Responding to weather changes. If warm, dry weather delays the leaf drop, or early snowfall reduces the opportunity for street collection at the end of the season, every resident gets the same weekly access to pickup each year.