Seventh Street Transportation (Miller Ave. to Scio Church Rd.)

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Project Manager: 

Raymond Hess, AICP-CTP
Transportation Manager
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Various community discussions regarding transportation features along Seventh Street (Miller Avenue to Scio Church Road​) have continued through recent years. City staff understand that there is a strong community interest to improve safety and mobility along this corridor and will continue to seek opportunities to implement further improvements on Seventh. The latest updates and related materials are compiled below. ​


June 2020 update

North Seventh Street (between Miller Avenue and Huron Street)

The City installed a buffered bike lane on the west side of the road and 'share the road' arrows on the east side of the road.  This treatment was installed based on feedback received from residents in the summer of 2018 which showed strong support for this option (Concept 1), and achieves the following:

  • Maintains all existing on-street parking
  • Narrows vehicular travel lanes, which is expected to slow traffic
  • Fills a gap of the bicycle network, as identified in the City's Non-motorized Transportation Plan

December 2019 update

The Transportation Commission established a Seventh Street Process Committee for continued discussions about the corridor.

June 2019 update

South Seventh Street and Scio Church intersection

As part of the Scio Church resurfacing project, the south side of the Seventh St./Scio Church Rd. intersection was reconfigured to include a median.  The benefits of this treatment include:

  • The median minimizes the exposed distance for pedestrians crossing S. Seventh Street, south of Scio Church Service Drive, by providing a refuge island;
  • The median addresses complicated travel interaction among traffic at Scio Church, Scio Church Service Drive and S. Seventh Street intersection by restricting left turns or through traffic from the service drive to S. Seventh Street
  • The median enforces that left turns from Scio Church Road to northbound S. Seventh Street would only be made from the left turn lane, rather than queue jumping using an illegal U-turn movement;
  • The median eliminates cut-through traffic along Scio Church Service Drive;
  • The added left-turn lane for northbound S. Seventh Street increases intersection capacity for vehicles; in conjunction with recent signal changes this improves vehicle operations.
  • The removed curb extensions on the southwest and southeast corners address lane alignment for southbound Seventh Street

March/April 2019 update

South Seventh and Scio Church intersection
Public input was solicited and information was shared about the S. Seventh Street/Scio Church Road intersection reconfiguration at workshops held in March and April 2019.  Information about these workshops can be found in the links below.

​​August 2018 update
North Seventh Street (betw​een Miller Ave. and Huron St.)
To help the City gauge preferences toward parking availability along N. Seventh Street between Miller Ave. and Huron St., a comment card was mailed directly to addresses with frontage along N. Seventh St. ​

Responses will be tallied and shared with the Public Services Area Administrator for further direction.

July 2018 update 
North Seventh Street (betw​een Miller Ave. and Huron St.)
The City of Ann Arbor hosted a series of public open houses in July and early August to gauge community interest toward the addition of on-street bicycle improvements and potential removal of on-street parking along N. Seventh St. between W. Huron St. and Miller Ave in an effort to implement the City’s bicycle network as identified in the City’s Non-Motorized Transportation Plan. Draft concepts were presented.

The following draft concepts for bicycle improvements along N. Seventh (Huron to Miller) were presented at open houses and through A2 Open City Hall. Concepts range in impact to existing parking and availability of dedicated bicycle space. ​

Open house and online survey feedback has been compiled:

July-August 2018 Comprehensive Feedback Report (PDF)

January 2018 update:

  • Preliminary plans  for Seventh Street (Miller to Scio Church) project, including buffered bike lanes.

July 2017 update

The City hired a consultant to perform additional analysis on the Seventh Street corridor and provide additional recommendations for slowing traffic. The following materials are available:

May 2015 Project update (PDF)

June 2014​ Seventh Street Transportation discussion 

December 2013 Seventh Street Transportation discussion