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The City of Ann Arbor Transportation Plan Update (PDF) guides improvements to the City's system of roads, sidewalks, paths, bike lanes, and public transit. Adopted by City Council in 2009, the Plan has a time horizon of 25 years and expands on the city's 1990 Transportation Plan.

The 2009 plan update seeks to achieve the City's vision for transportation: "an integrated multi-modal system that will build upon the unique qualities of each part of the city." Included in that vision is for the City to become more transit-oriented, bike-friendly, and pedestrian-friendly, and less reliant on fuel consumptive forms of motorized travel. The plan considers links between transportation and land use decisions, presents eight goals, and synthesizes those goals into short-m​id-, and long-term recommendations. Recommendations are not designed for vehicle mobility alone, but instead enable people to reach their destinations regardless of their mode of travel.


Since transportation investments influence land use (and vice-versa), the short-, mid-, and long-term time periods also reflect the existing and proposed future land use plans for Ann Arbor. A preliminary cost estimate was determined and potential funding sources were identified, although further study will be needed to identify funding for signature transit improvements.

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