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Council update, Jan. 31, 2019

​The “Pedestrian Safety Improvements 2016-2019” memo (PDF) shows pedestrian improvements completed in calendar years 2016, 2017, and 2018. 

The following improvements are planned for 2019: ​

  • Crosswalks at 13 new locations. 
  • Rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) signs at nine new locations. 
  • Gateway treatments at one new location.
  • Updated pavement markings at eight locations. 
  • Bump outs at 14 new locations. 
  • Lighting at 41 new locations. 
  • Updated signage at three locations.
  • Pedestrian signal improvements at two locations. 
  • School speed zones at one location.
  • School safety improvements (which include treatments identified above) at four locations.
  • Improvements at eight other locations for which the treatment hasn’t yet been finalized.

This work is subject to change due to numerous factors including​ unanticipated changes to cost, unforeseen circumstances which may affect schedule, shifting priorities, and coordination/approval by other entities (e.g. approval by MDOT for improvements on State trunk lines).​​

School safety progress

*Improvements and work completed or scheduled as of August, 2018.

Tier 1 work - signs & pavement markings. 

  • Reduced Speed School Zones have been installed at all the identified locations. 
  • Pavement marking refreshing is complete, and will be ongoing in future years as part of the City's Pavement Marking Maintenance Program. 
  • Updating signage is now complete.  ​

​Tier 2 work - capital improvements adjacent to the AAPS-identified priority areas (High Schools & Middle Schools).

  • Community High: Bump outs on Division; gateway treatments on Division at Fifth 
  • Huron High: RRFB installation at Gallup Park ; extension of sidewalk along south side of Fuller and relocation of Gallup Park crossing (project is scheduled for summer of 2019)
  • Pathways to Success: RRFB installation; gateway treatment on Packard
  • Pioneer High: RRFB on Seventh Street 
  • Forsythe/Wines: Gateway treatment @ Newport & Red Oak
  • Clague: Gateway treatments on Nixon 
  • Scarlett/Mitchell: Gateway treatment on Lorraine; ADA ramps 
  • Slauson: Crosswalk improvements at Crest / Buena Vista, Crest / Washington, Eighth / Washington, Ninth / Washington, and S Seventh / Washington are being done with the Crest, Buena Vista, Washington Water Main Project in the summer of 2018
  • A list of priority items identified by the A2 Safe Transit group was shared with the Transportation Safety Committee (TSC). Staff prepared a plan of implementation of those items for FY 2018 and 2019
  • Tappan: Sidewalk repair on Stadium – AAPS has replaced the deteriorated asphalt sidewalk along Stadium with a new concrete sidewalk.
  • Scio Church: The City and AAPS added Sidewalk along the north side of Scio Church Road adjacent to the Pioneer High School Property in conjunction with the current resurfacing project underway. This is an expense of AAPS, but is being constructed as part of the City's project.

Tier 3 work - Work includes infrastructure improvement identified from the surveys conducted by A2 Safe Transport. Work listed below is completed unless shown otherwise.

  • Allen Elementary School:  RRFB installation at Packard & Easy St.

  • Northside A2 STEAM:

    • John A Woods & Peach bump-outs and pavement markings

    • Pear & Taylor pavement markings

    • Taylor & Peach pavement markings

    • Northside STEAM SRTS Sidewalk Gap Project - summer 2019

  • Bach Elementary School:  Bump-outs and pavement markings at Pauline & Fifth​

  • Clague Middle School:

    • Bluett & Clague Entrances Crosswalk Improvements - summer 2020​

    • Green & Gettysburg Gateway Treatment coming fall 2018

  • Community High School: New 25mph sign on Division at Huron

  • Dicken Elementary school:

    • Warwick & Waltham bump-outs and pavement markings – summer 2019

    • Wimpole & Runnymede bump-out and pavement markings – summer 2019

    • 1480 Dicken Mid-Block Crossing; ADA Ramps and pavement markings – summer 2019

  • Lakewood Elementary School

    • Gralake near School entrance Mid-Block Crossing; ADA Ramps and pavement markings – summer 2019

    • Gralake & Sunnywood; evaluate request for 4-way stop – fall 2018

    • Mason & Sunnywood; evaluate request for 4-way stop – fall 2018

    • Mason & Lakewood; evaluate sight distance issue – fall 2018

  • Lawton Elementary School:

    • Seventh & Greenview bump-outs and pavement markings

    • Seventh & Delaware bump-outs.  Pavement marking updates coming fall 2018

  • Open K-8

    • Miller school speed zone request; staff will contact AAPS fall 2018

    • Miller Mid-Block Crossing; staff will contact AAPS fall 2018

  • Pattengill Elementary School: Crestland & Carhart crosswalk improvements

  • Thurston Elementary School:

    • Prairie & Aurora bump-outs and pavement markings

    • Prairie & Renfrew bump-outs and pavement markings

    • Bluett & Antietam crosswalk and pavement markings –Public Meeting Held August 2018

Tier 4 work - This work will consist of on-going work requested by schools, or by citizens for work related to school safety.  Work near Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) will be vetted through the Transportation Safety Committee.

  • Eberwhite Elementary School:  Improvements at the following locations to be added to the City of Ann Arbor's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

    • Soule Blvd & Madison

    • Soule Blvd & Lutz Ave

    • Lutz Ave & Crest Ave

    • Eberwhite Blvd & Madison/Mt Vernon/Mt Pleasant