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Ann Arbor's Green Fleets program, first adopted in 2004, was inspired by the national Green Fleets program and aimed to reduce the City's fuel use by 10% in ten years through the purchase of fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles. The City met this target in 2012. Fuel use decreased by 12.4% and gas and diesel use in City vehicles decreased by 14.7%.​ 

In 2018, the City adopted a newly revised Green Fleets Policy that includes targets, thresholds, and implementation plans. The updated green fleets policy directs all city departments to aim for a 25% emission-reduction target by 2025, relative to 2017 baseline levels. In 2026, targets are to be revised and updated. AA Green Fleets Policy Update FINAL.pdf

City Fleet

Ann Arbor currently operates three natural gas garbage trucks and a natural gas street sweeper.  The City also has four hydraulic-hybrid recycling trucks and two hybrid bucket trucks.

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