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​​​​​​The Ann Arbor Energy Office works to reduce energy consumption and advance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at the municipal level and throughout the community. The Energy Office operates in three major areas: 1) managing projects, programs, and grants; 2) developing informational resources, and 3) advising city managers, elected officials, and the general ​public on energy policies and programs.

In 2012, Ann Arbor City Council adopted the city's first Climate Action Plan (CAP), made possible by a generous Pollution Prevention Grant from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  The plan set goals to reduce communitywide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 25% by 2025 and 90% by 2050. The Energy Office is developing tools and programs to help reach these goals.

As further evidence of the Ann Arbor's commitment to addressing climate change, on August 1, 2017, the city joined 62 other cities and municipalities when the City Council approved a resolution to actively support federal Carbon Fee and Dividend (CFD) legislation.  CFD is a plan to set a national fee on fossil fuels which will return 100% of the net revenues to citizens in equal shares to help offset the rising cost of non-renewable energy.  Studies have found that this plan would provide a financial benefit to a majority of American households, with the greatest benefit going to those with the lowest incomes.


  • Energy Saving Tips at - new and updated information on improving energy efficiency for our community's homeowners, businesses, renters, and landlords 

  • Climate Action Planning – efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions communitywide

  • Renewable Energy – projects and programs that increase sustainable energy use communitywide

  • Energy Efficiency – projects and programs that reduce energy use in municipal buildings and communitywide

  • Financing – City-run financing programs to help you make investments in energy improvements

  • Energy Commission – advisory commission to City Council on energy policies

Energy and Climate Plans

Ann Arbor and the City's Energy Office have a longstanding history of protecting the environment. The Energy Office was founded in 1985, and Ann Arbor's energy planning started before then. Energy and climate plans help create roadmaps to conserve energy and increase sustainable energy throughout the community.


  • Established innovative Municipal Energy Fund to implement energy improvements in over 20 city facilities. Energy Office initiatives have saved city taxpayers more than $5 million in energy expenditures over the last decade
  • Obtained and managed over $2 million in grants and rebates from federal, state and corporate sources
  • Converted ~2,000 city-owned street lights and ~500 utility-owned streetlights to LEDs
  • Partnered with the Ecology Center and Huron River Watershed Council in 2013 to launch the Ann Arb​​or Climate Partnership​ to implement the Climate Action Plan
  • Developing a wind energy education program in partnership with the Hands On Museum
  • Conducted a biodigester feasibility study in 2014
  • City Council approved a resolution to actively support federal Carbon Fee and Dividend (CFD) legislation in August, 2017

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