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The City of Ann Arbor paid $1.5 million to operate traffic signals and streetlights in FY2008. The cost would have been higher had the City not begun replacing incandescent traffic signals and pedestrian crossing signals with LEDs back in 2000. The replacements made so far are saving the city $49,000 annually, but the bigger savings opportunities are in street lighting, which accounts for 92 percent of that $1.5 million annual cost. Ann Arbor is currently utilizing LED street lighting to save energy and reduce expenses further.
[LED Streetlights in Ann Arbor]

Pedestrian Globe Lights (Downtown)
After successfully piloting LED globe lights on a full block downtown, the City proceeded with full conversion of around 1,000 downtown streetlights. $630,000 to fund the retrofit project was provided by the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority. More than five years into the conversion, LED globe are still shining bright and delivering as promised. The combined energy and maintenance savings of these fixtures come to approximately $100,000 annually.‚Äč

Cobrahead Streetlights
After trying test fixtures in various locations, another roughly 1,000 "cobrahead" streetlights have been replaced with LEDs throughout the City, using grant dollars, and these are saving over $80,000 annually in avoided maintenance and electricity.

DTE Streetlights
The City is also working closely with DTE to upgrade over 5,000 lights in the control of the utility. Over 300 DTE lights have been converted to LED, with more on the way, shaving an additional $20,000 per year off the City streetlight bill.