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​In 2013, Ann Arbor City Council adopted the Sustainability Framework as an element of the City Master Plan. The 16 goals in the Sustainability Framework build on goals developed through a variety of public processes – from city plans, council resolutions, and the council-approved environmental goals. The goals are organized into four areas: 1) Climate and Energy, 2) Community, 3) Land Use and Access, and 4) Resource Management. The Sustainability Framework was used to develop the Sustainability Action Plan, an implementation and tracking tool for the framework.

What is the Sustainability Action Plan? 

The Action Plan identifies targets, actions, and indicators to achieve and measure progress towards the Sustainability Framework goals. The Sustainability Action Plan will be reviewed and updated every two years with the budget cycle to provide up-to-date progress reports towards the City's Sustainability Framework goals. The targets and actions included in the Plan are not all-inclusive but a collection of short-term, yet ongoing projects that the City will work towards within each two-year period. View the Sustainability Action Plan (pdf)​.

How is the Action Plan organized? 

To help make progress towards each goal, the Sustainability Action Plan identifies targets, actions, and indicators associated with each Sustainability Framework ​goal. 


How are we doing?  

The Sustainability Action Plan Dashboard​ provides a summary of progress to date by including indicators for each sustainability goal. Indicators track the effectiveness of actions, and over time reveal whether the City is moving towards greater sustainability. The Dashboard also highlights current projects underway across the community. Visit the Action Plan Dashboard​ to check in on the City's progress towards the Sustainability Framework. 

Check out the Action Plan Dashboard for updates on progress.


Where are we now?
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Where are we going?​ ​
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