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Sustainable Energy Goal 

Improve access to and increase use of renewable energy by all members of our community

How are we doing?

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Ann Arbor is taking significant steps to generate renewable energy for municipal operations and within the community. Ann Arbor has a target to use 30% renewable energy in municipal operations and promote renewable energy in our community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ann Arbor’s Climate Action Plan identifies six actions to increase renewable energy in Ann Arbor and across the region.  ​

What are the indicators?

​Renewable Energy Generation

The City harnesses ​renewable energy from two hydroelectric dams and a landfill energy facility that produces electricity from gases generated by the old City landfill. ​As part of the City's Energy Challenge, Ann Arbor set targets for renewable energy use. The City reached its original 20% renewable energy target for municipal operations in 2010 and is now working towards a target of 30% for municipal operations. ​Municipal operations make up around a percent of Ann Arbor's total greenhouse gas emissions. 

Source: City of Ann Arbor Energy Office​



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Number of Renewable Energy Projects      

​The City promotes renewable energy to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and reach our Climate Action Plan targets. 20% of our reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is suppose to come from renewable energy. This roughly works out to 24MW of installed solar capacity in the next 10 years. We can reach our target by ei​ther installing 2.4 MW or installing 74 systems, roughly 3.4kW in size.

Source: City of Ann Arbor Permits

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What way cool projects are underway?

​Community Solar

  • Ann Arbor is working with Clean Energy Coalition to investigate ways to create options for solar across the community.

Solar at the Housing Commission

  • The Ann Arbor Housing Commission is exploring options for solar installations and community solar at its public housing sites.

Community Biodigester

  • In 2014, the City conducted a feasibility study to look at the resources needed for a successful biodigester. Both the Climate Action Plan and Solid Waste Resource Plan include strategies about evaluating a community biodigester.

Wind Energy Education

  • With funding from a Department of Energy grant, the City of Ann Arbor is partnering with the Hands on Museum to create an education and outreach effort focused on wind energy. ​


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