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Integrated Land Use

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​​​Integrated Land Use Goal 

Encourage a compact pattern of diverse development that maintains our unique sense of place, preserves our natural systems, and strengthens our neighborhoods, corridors, and downtown

How are we doing?

Planning and Development Services and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) i​dentified targets and actions in the Sustainability Action Plan to further the goal of integrated land use. The City aims to encourage appropriate new development and redevelopment, improve the link between commercial and residential corridors, and encourage dense and active land use in the downtown. Ann Arbor's National Citizen Survey​TM shows that a majority of residents rate indicators related to planning and the built environment positively. Ann Arbor's rating is similar to the national benchmark, and Ann Arbor is undergoing efforts, like the Redevelopment Ready Communities program, to raise this rating above the national benchmark. ​

What are the indicators?

Land Use, Planning, and Zoning                     ​      

Over half of Ann Arborites consistently rate land use, planning, and zoning in Ann Arbor positively. This is similar to national benchmarks​.​​

Source: National Citizen SurveyTM​


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Overall Built Environment            

Nearly a quarter of residents rated the overall "built ​environment" of Ann Arbor positively. (The built environment includes overall design, buildings, parks, and transportation systems.) This percentage is similar to national benchmarks. ​​​

​Source: National Citizen S​urvey​​TM

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What way cool projects are underway?​

Downtown Zoning Amendments

  • The Downtown Zoning Premium Evaluation is an effort to determine if the current premium options offered in the City's Zoning Ordinance are in keeping with today's needs and goals for downtown Ann Arbor, especially with regard to housing affordability, energy efficiency and quality design.  

Redevelopment Ready Communities

  • The Redevelopment Ready Communities Program is a state-wide certification effort led by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) that supports communities in their efforts to be competitive in today's economy.  Ann Arbor was one of eight communities selected by the MEDC in 2103 to receive a no-cost, comprehensive assessment and a report with recommended strategies for enhancing the city's economic vitality. The Community Assessment Evaluation Findings Report (pdf) was completed in October of 2014, and city staff is reviewing the report's recommendations.

Reimagine Washtenaw

  • Reimagine Washtenaw is a multi-jurisdictional planning effort to improve land use and transportation along the Washtenaw Avenue corridor.  It includes the four communities that have frontage along the corridor: the City of Ann Arbor, the City of Ypsilanti, Pittsfield Charter Township and Ypsilanti Charter Township.

South State Street Corridor Plan

  • Adopted as an element of the City Master Plan in 2013, the South State Street Corridor Plan identifies ideas and strategies to build upon existing strengths and address current challenges to enhance the image, economic vitality, and sustainability of the corridor.​​​


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