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​​​​​Engaged Community Goal 

Ensure our community is strongly connected through outreach, opportunities for engagement, and stewardship of community resources​

H​ow are we doing​?

A strongly connected community promotes public understanding and awareness​.​ According to the 201​5 National Citizen Survey TM (NCS) Trends Over Time report, Ann Arbor’s ratings are​ consistently higher than national benchmarks. ​From increasing voter participation to expanding the GIVE 365 Volunteer program, the City is actively working to increase community engagement at different levels within the community. 

What are the indicators?

Opportunities to Participate in Community Matters 

​Survey data shows that 79% of Ann Arbor respondents rated opportunities to participate in community matters positively. Ann Arbor consistently ranks higher than national benchmarks in this area.

Source: National Citizen SurveyTM


​ ​ ​​comm matters 2008 to 2015.JPG

Attended a Local Public Meeting    

In 2015, only 16% of NCS survey respondents attended a local public meeting. However, Ann Arbor has moved from being "much lower than" to "similar to" ​national benchmarks in the latest survey.  ​

Source: National Citizen SurveyTM​

​ ​ ​Public Meeting.jpg

What way cool projects are underway?​

National Citizen SurveyTM

  • Since 2007, residents have been asked to provide opinions on city services, amenities, and their quality of life in Ann Arbor. The National Citizen Survey, conducted by the National Research Center, is sent to approximately 3,000 Ann Arbor residents. As part of the City's Strategic Plan, the Communications Office aims to conduct this survey biannually.

Community Engagement Toolkit           

  • The Communications Office developed a community engagement toolkit to help city staff provide community engagement on different projects and policies. The Communications Office will conduct training for staff on how to effectively use the toolkit.

Web Redesign

  • In summer 2014, the City launched a redesign of its webpages. The webpages are now more mobile-friendly, have responsive design, and improved search functionality.

Sustainable Ann Arbor Forums

  • Every year the City of Ann Arbor and the Ann Arbor District Library partner to host the Sustainable Ann Arbor forums. The four-part series is typically held January through April, and each event focuses on a different element of the City's Sustainability Framework.

A2 Open City Hall

  • A2 Open City Hall is an online forum for public engagement. This forum invites residents to provide input about different policies and projects underway.

GIVE 365 Volunteer Program

  • The GIVE 365 Program has year round volunteer opportunities for almost every interest, schedule, ability, and age. Volunteers can sign-up for one-day events, short-term experiences, or become a long-term volunteer.​


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