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Clean Air and Water

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​​Clean Air and Water Goal 

Eliminate pollutants in our air and water systems​​​

How are we doing?

Ann Arbor has a long history of protecting the community’s natural resources. The City’s targets to improve air and water quality include reducing vehicle emissions, providing clean, safe drinking water, and increasing the quality of stormwater runoff. The quality of stormwater runoff can negatively impact the local water resources that provide drinking water, recreation, and wildlife habitat. Ann Arbor is becoming a leader statewide and nationally in green infrastructure improvements, su​​ch as rain gardens, stormwater filtration, and a Green Streets Policy.​

What are the indicators?

Days of Unhealthy Air Quality                             

Since 2010, Ann Arbor has maintained “good” Air Quality Index levels between 71% and 88%. Since 2014, there has been a slight increase in the percent of "good" air quality days.

Source: EPA Air Quality Index Reports​​


​​​ ​​​air quality ytd 16.png

Number of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

Electric Vehicles (EVs) significantly reduce carbon emissions and other tailpipe emissions, which improves air quality, helps address climate change, and improves public health. The Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority and City are working to install more EV charging stations. ​​​

Source: Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority​​

​​ ​ev charging stations 15 and 16.png
​Green Infrastructure Capacity

The City passed a Green Streets Policy in 2014 that will help increase the capacity of green infrastructure across the city. The City is still working to calculate installed capacity of current infrastructure. 

​Source: City of Ann Arbor

What way cool projects are underway?

Green Streets Policy

  • In 2014, Ann Arbor City Council adopted a Green Streets Policy that sets stormwater infiltration standards for public street construction and reconstruction.

Miller Avenue Rain Gardens

  • In 2013, the City of Ann Arbor installed rain gardens in the right-of-way along Miller Avenue as part of planned street reconstruction. The rain gardens will help handle storm water on Miller Avenue, improve water quality, and decrease runoff into the Allen Creek Drain and eventually the Huron River.

Drive Electric Ann Arbor Partnership

  • ​The Drive Electric Ann Arbor Partnership formed in 2014 in an effort to support wider adoption of electric vehicles in the community. The partnership includes the Downtown Development Authority, local non-profit and advocacy organizations, DTE, University of Michigan, and local businesses.​



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