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​​​Active Living and Learning​ Goal 

Improve the quality of life by providing diverse cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities for all members of our community

How are we doing?

The 2015, Ann Arbor National Citizen SurveyTM(NCS) survey responses related to education and enrichment and recreation were higher when compared to national benchmarks. With over 100 arts and entertainment venues, Ann Arbor offers a diversity of events and opportunities to its residents. Additionally, the City of Ann Arbor's Parks and Recreation Services Unit programs activities and services for residents of all ages. Parks and Recreation runs everything from day camps to kayaking trips to farmers markets.

What are the indicators?

Recreational Opportunities                                       

According the 2015 National Citizen SurveyTM results, ratings for recreation centers, recreation programs, City parks were rated positively by a strong majority of respondents. Based on survey results, satisfaction is consistently high, and the percentage of positive responses is higher than national benchmarks. 

 Source: National Citizen SurveyTM​


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Social Events and Activities                                      ​

85% of Ann Arbor residents rated opportunities to participate in social events and activities positively. This is higher than national benchmarks, and the percentage of positive ratings has remained stable from 2008 to 2015. ​

​Source: National Citizen SurveyTM​



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​What way cool projects are underway?​​​

Park Stewardship and Adopt-a-Park

  • The Natural Area Preservation Services provides stewardship of natural areas in the city and provides many opportunities to volunteer. Park Stewards have the opportunity to help design & participate in stewardship activities, monitor park ecology, run workdays, build community, and learn more about native ecosystems and restoration. Community members can also adopt a park to help with activities like plantings, trash collection, and trail maintenance.

Ann Arbor Skatepark

  • In 2014, the City of Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation Services Unit, with help from the Friends of the Ann Arbor Skatepark, the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner's Office, opened a 30,000 square foot skatepark that is free and open to the public. ​​

Argo Cascades

  • ​The Argo Cascades opened in May 2012 to provide a series of nine drops and pools for the public to enjoy in tubes, rafts, canoes, and kayaks. The Cascades are located in the Huron River below the Argo Canoe Livery and near the Broadway Bridges overpass. At the Argo Canoe Livery, visitors can rent one-person kayaks, two-person kayaks, five-person rafts, and tubes to travel down the cascades. T​he Argo Cascades were designated by the national City Parks Alliance as a "Frontline Park" for providing an inspiring example of urban park excellence, design innovation, and stewardship. The Cascades also earned the 2012 Michigan Recreation and Park Association Park Design Award.


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