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​Over 50% of Ann Arbor waste is diverted from landfills for recycling or composting.  40% of your household waste could be composted (we know because we sorted through 100 carts).  Ann Arbor residents are awesome recyclers but we can always do more.

Ann Arbor residents helped produced 12,268 tons of recyclable materials in 2012. ReCommunity, Ann Arbor's recycling partner, is sharing a report featuring the overall impact of these extraordinary local recycling efforts.

Ann Arbor adopted the Waste Less: Solid Waste Resource Plan in October 2013 that identifies ways for the community to move towards a goal of zero waste. The plan sets to goals to help divert materials from the landfill:

  • Increase single family diversion rates from 50% to 60% by 2017 
  • Increase total citywide diversion rates from 31% to 40% by 2017

Reaching these goals requires a lot of help for residents and businesses in the community.

What can you do?

What way cool projects are underway?

Expanded Compost Program

  • Effective in March 2014, Ann Arbor is offering expanded compost collection and compost cart owners can begin placing all "plate scrapings" into the compost cart – including meat, bones and other leftovers​

Waste Less: Solid Waste Resource Plan

Waste Sort


  • City of Ann Arbor conducted residential waste sorts of both trash and recyclables from approximately 96 randomly-selected single-family homes and 96 apartment units 

WasteKnot Partner Program


  • ​Washtenaw County's free WasteKnot Partner program provides public recognition and support to businesses and institutions throughout the year

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Systems Planning Manager
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